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December 17, 2008 12:00 AM

After shaking her tail feathers with friends at a burlesque party, Gretchen went shopping with her friend and client Lynne, officially introducing viewers to the new Housewife. “Staying fit is very much a part of my life,” Lynne said. “Hook me up with some Botox … I’m game for everything.”

Lynne and her husband Rick, of 18 years, have two children, Alexa, 15, and Raquel, 17, who are the “biggest problem” in their life. “I’m the worst pushover with my kids,” she explained. Over lunch with Raquel, Lynne discussed her upcoming 18th birthday. Raquel wanted a party, but Lynne wasn’t so sure. “I’ll figure out a way to do it with or without you,” Raquel said.

When the conversation turned to the consequences of drinking too much, Raquel offered a hangover cure. Her tip: Taking a shower and turning the water from hot to cold to hot again. Also, taking Alka-Seltzer. “I like Googled it,” she said assuredly. But Raquel had second thoughts when Lynne told her Alka-Seltzer was fattening.

Tamra decided to come clean over lunch and admitted to Gretchen that the Housewives hazed her before their trip to the spa in L.A. Gretchen was in a forgiving mood when she hear that her new friend had joked, “Hold on to your daddies, girls. Here comes Gretchen.”

“It is what it is,” Gretchen said, admitting her father is only four years older than her fianc Jeff. “People are going to say what they’re going to say.”

Meanwhile, Tamra was disappointed to find out that her son Ryan no longer planned to enter the California Highway Patrol program. “I have a lot of guilt in the way that I raised you,” Tamra said upon hearing the news. Tamra explained that his problem was never drugs or alcohol, “just laziness” and being a “spoiled rotten brat.”

Jeana was worried about her 16-year-old son Colton going to the prom because she doesn’t “want to be a grandma.” His uncle came by and suggested he bring some condoms. For protection of a different kind, Jeana’s daugher Kara went shooting with Tamra’s husband Simon, who’s been teaching Ryan to shoot for his (formerly) upcoming CHP program. “Kara’s away from home and mama’s not there and neither are the Dobermans,” Jeana said. “She needs to learn how to shoot a gun.”

Vicki took her entire family out on the yacht to convince them that she should purchase the boat. “This is like a de-stresser,” Vicki told a skeptical Briana. “I don’t think anything could distress my mom,” she replied. “Bubble baths stress her out.”

Vicki held a vote and Briana lost and started to cry because she didn’t want to give up her family’s vacation home to afford the boat. “Havasu is like one of the most important things in my life,” she explained.

Later, Vicki, Jeana and Tamra all went to lunch. Discussion turned to Vicki’s ex Mike when Vicki told the women that Briana felt abandoned by her dad. When Jeana defended Mike, Vicki got upset. “I love you more than life, however, you don’t get it,” she said.

Jeana explained: “I always felt Vicki took the children from Mike.”

But Vicki shot back at her friend, whose separated husband Matt still lives in her house. “It’s extremely frustrating for me that Jeana doesn’t get divorced,” she said.

Tell us: What do you think of Lynne? And which kid is more spoiled: Ryan, Briana or Raquel?Mitchell Haaseth/Bravo

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