February 04, 2009 12:00 AM

After dealing with the ups and downs of ill-behaved children in last week’s episode, the Real Housewives of Orange County were in dire need of a vacation — and so the ladies hit Sin City to get into some trouble of their own.

The gals checked into a $5,500 a night presidential suite at the Red Rock Las Vegas — complete with an eight-person Jacuzzi, full bar and pool table — and immediately toasted to a weekend “truce” over champagne before heading to the pool.

There, a fully clothed and unhappy looking Jeana moaned about wanting to find a man. Gretchen, who flitted about between the pool and bar in a yellow bikini and oversized hat, purchased a “hottie whistle” and presented it to Tamra. Lynne sat on as the girls hurled insults her ways. This time the main perpetrator was Jeana. “Lynne and I are past the ‘hottie whistle’ age,” she explained. Meanwhile, Vicki went back and forth between being on the phone — her daughter was having boyfriend issues (maybe she should talk to Jeana?) — and flirting with the idea of — well, flirting with other men.

On the way to a fabulous dinner at the hotel’s steak house, the gals gave gambling a shot. At the table, Gretchen played the dumb blonde. “I was totally acting like I didn’t know how to play Blackjack, because I knew it would get Vicki in a whirlwind — according to Vicki she is the best at everything,” she said. Unfortunately, at the other end of the table, Lynne legitimately didn’t understand how to play, so Vicki still got her digs in.

Despite the truce, that evening dinner naturally fell back into catty territory after Gretchen announced that her favorite drink — a dirty martini with blue cheese-stuff olives — was the same as Vicki’s. Apparently, Gretch crossed some sort of line. Vicki, Tamra and Jeana laughed and made fun of Lynne for being spacey and not knowing how to gamble. “Is she stupid?” Vicki asked her clique.

Later, Jeana’s desire to find a man — or as Gretch put it “to get laid” — led the troupe to a nightclub for a little dancing (and more drinks). As the music bumped, Gretchen and Lynne danced off the frustrations that come with being the victims of mean girls — and maybe they overdid it a bit. “It was borderline embarrassing … Lynne’s dress was up to her waist, her butt was hanging out. It was disgusting,” Tamra said as Jeana indignantly looked on, before turning down an interested guy for being too young. Meanwhile, Vicki had her are arms entangled with another man’s arms and was looking into his eyes before putting her hand on the camera to close out the show. — Allison Gross

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