By People Staff
Updated April 23, 2008 12:00 AM

Wow wow wow! Bethenny shed tears over wanting a baby. Ramona stormed off the set, angry over questions about Alex’s nude photos. Alex (and Simon!) defended themselves ferociously against ALL of the Housewives’ vicious attacks. LuAnn scrambled to play down the “Call me Mrs. DeLesseps” incident, and dished out caviar for the ladies. Jill took the gloves off and finally called Ramona on her crap.

The Real Housewives of New York City extended its season with a reunion special last night, and despite the staid atmosphere of New York’s Russian Tea Room (how much better would this have been with a live audience?), and the dullness of the host, in many ways the show exhibited more tension, drama and honest emotion than any episode the entire season.

Viewer’s wrote to Bravo and asked some interesting questions, from wanting to know the ingredients in Bethenny’s “skinny girl’s margarita” (Patron Silver tequila, four limes, and a “tiny splash of Cointreau…or Triple Sec”) to the one thing everyone wanted answered: Is Ramona’s frenetic pace the result of her being “hopped up on anything?” (She responded that she was just “high on life.”)

In the end, the only question on our minds was, “How soon will this show be back?”

How about you? What questions went unanswered? Who redeemed themselves? Who looked worse than ever? Do you want to see all of these Housewives in Season 2, or is there anyone you’d be happy to see dropped from the cast? –Mark Dagostino

Jay Sullivan/Bravo