By People Staff
Updated April 16, 2008 12:00 AM
Jay Sullivan/Bravo

Can you believe it’s over? Did you shed a tear? Can you even wait for Season 2? (Yes, Bravo announced yesterday that it’s bringing both the N.Y.C. and O.C. Housewives back for more next season. And we’ll be treated to the Real Housewives of New Jersey in between. No joke!) But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Discuss:

Alex & SimonFrom talking about vibrators in front of Luann and Bethenny to talking about cancer to Francois while explaining why he had to go to Australia for his stepfather’s funeral, is it possible that the show’s controversial dynamic duo became more human and likable in the very last show? Oh! But wait. There’s the reunion special happening next April 21 at 9 p.m. (And we hear Simon showed up–which rankled the other Housewives!)

Bethenny Seeing her in her element at the horse track, opening a gift of lingerie in front of a bunch of guys, made her all the more lovable. Jason admitted that Bethenny is his “one.” And how great was it to watch her growing friendship with Jill? Until–wham!–Bethenny cut her off over dinner at Phillipe because she kept talking about her “material” birthday gifts from Jason. She threatened to poke a skewer through Jill’s eyeball! “I snapped,” she admitted. Um, ya think? At least she knew she did something wrong. Unlike…

RamonaShe kept ranking on Alex for being so attached to Simon. Her freakout over Francois’ screaming at dinner was worse than the little boy’s screaming. And she took the cameras–and a pal–along to her plastic surgeon’s office, where she said she hoped to look 18 forever. (A statement that seemed to shock even her plastic surgeon!) Yikes.

LuannSeriously, if it wasn’t for that whole “Call me Mrs. De Lesseps” incident with the driver last week, she would definitely win our award for coolest Housewife. After seeing her help the homeless–not just with money, but by donating her time to help prepare a former drug user for a job interview–maybe we should forgive the Countess’s one snobby indiscretion.

JillBack on Episode 1, would anyone have predicted that Jill would be the most even-keeled personality of the bunch? She forgave Bethenny for that eye-poking thing without a word. She didn’t totally lose it on Ramona for her rude dinner behavior this week, or last. In fact, we can’t recall her having a single Jekyll-and-Hyde freakout the entire series. Combine that with her ability to be a “connector,” and the real-estate knowledge she showed off in that half-built apartment? She may just beat out Luann for the coolest Housewife award.

So tell us: What’s the verdict on these Big Apple housewives? Will you tune in to season 2>? And what do you hope to see resolved at the juicy Reunion Special next week? -… Mark Dagostino

Jay Sullivan/Bravo