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December 30, 2013 10:00 AM

Drag queens and flying cockroaches – that’s what it took to finally get The Real Housewives of Atlanta to bond on the last leg of their trip to Savannah, Ga., after a feud over parenting techniques ignited tempers and resulted in tears.

Cynthia Bailey’s decision to allow her daughter, Noelle, to begin dating did not sit well with NeNe Leakes, and she let her feelings be known to the ladies over breakfast.

“Thirteen is too young to date. I just can’t be supportive of it,” said Leakes. “You gotta be like ‘Hell no!’ about some stuff.”

“I just want my child to be happy,” said an emotional Bailey, 46, who ran to her bedroom in tears. “I just want to be a good mom Noelle is my everything [but] I have to let her live.”

Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart ran to Bailey’s side, and the two longtime enemies actually bonded over their support of her.

“Don’t second-guess what you’re doing,” said Moore, 42. “My mother and I have never spoken my entire life.”

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“Put your smoky eye back on,” said Stewart, helping to dry Bailey’s eyes.

The ladies ended up putting on their best makeup to hit a drag show by Savannah legend Lady Chablis.

“Drag queens bring out the happy in you,” said a very happy Leakes, 45, who took the stage after a few cocktails, which prompted Moore to quip, “[NeNe] has the Adam’s apple big feet big knees I’m not sure if she tucks, though.”

The wives returned to their inn for a Southern feast prepared by Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks, but dinner was interrupted by a giant flying cockroach and some even bigger news from Stewart.

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“The women are all fallin’ all over, running for shelter,” Moore said about the big bug, which had the women shrieking, hiding and trying to kill it. “What the hell is going on? It is a bug!”

“If it takes a roach to bring you together,” said Leakes with a laugh, “let it do its thing.”

“Hit it harder,” the women urged Stewart, 31, who finally vanquished the cockroach with a roll of paper towels and a flip-flop. “Act like it’s Kordell.”

But Stewart’s admission – that she had reached out to talk, and possibly reconcile, with her ex after their bitter divorce battle – elicited the loudest screams from the wives.

Burruss, 37, ended up stealing Stewart’s phone to text the word “us” to the former NFL quarterback after he had asked what his ex-wife wanted to discuss after she had messaged him.

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