The CBS game show will award one man at least a week-long gig in December
Credit: CBS

Wanted: Hot dudes who know how to model a car.

For the first time in in its 40-year-plus history, The Price Is Right is launching a nationwide search for another male model. The grand prize winner will score a week-long gig on the CBS game show in December and earn a chance to assume a more permanent spot in the future.

The search for a new male model officially kicked off in South Carolina earlier this month. Open casting calls are set for Boston on Sept. 6, Dallas on Sept. 7, Philadelphia on Sept. 8, and Los Angeles on Sept. 30. Contestants can also submit a video online.

Semifinalists will earn a trip to L.A. where they’ll be judged on their personality, red carpet skills, and whether they can effectively model a car. Fans will also have a chance to vote on the semifinalists on the show’s website.

The winner will be announced Dec. 8 and will begin his gig on Dec. 15.

Rules can be found on and

This isn’t the first time the game show has featured a male model. In 2012, the show launched a local search in L.A. before offering Rob Wilson a gig on the show that lasted two years.