Wheelchair-Bound 'The Price Is Right' Contestant Wants Drew Carey to Sign Her Treadmill Prize

The Price Is Right contestant Danielle Perez says she has big plans for her new treadmill


While she might not be able use her Price Is Right prize in the traditional sense, Danielle Perez‘s new treadmill is providing plenty of fodder for her comedy routine.

The Los Angeles based stand-up comic’s appearance on the CBS game show went viral on Tuesday, after thousands of fans took to Twitter to point out the irony that Perez, who has no feet, was awarded with a treadmill.

“People really responded to me winning a treadmill on national television,” Perez acknowledges to PEOPLE, adding that a friend of hers, who works for the Peace Corps, heard about the video all the way in Macedonia.

Fortunately, as evidenced by her job title, Perez has a great sense of humor about the otherwise awkward situation.

“It’s hilarious, it’s the best,” she says laughing. “I thought the day that I won it and experiencing that was the best day ever, but today, sharing it with everyone, it’s been incredible.”

Perez had been forced to stay silent about the experience until Tuesday, because, as she explains, “contestants are not allowed to Tweet or Facebook or tell anyone what they won until the episode airs.”

Perez says the show’s staff told her there was a chance she would get selected to play, but she laughed it off, thinking, “Just because I’m in a wheelchair they don’t want me to feel left out, they want me to feel included.” But when the game began, she says, “I was the first name called and put my hands up and just rolled down the little ramp, like ‘Okay, this is happening, this is incredible.’ ”

When the prizes were announced and she saw the treadmill, Perez says, “I just thought, ‘Oh this is perfect, you cannot write this, you cannot make this up.’ It’s not even that I’m in a wheelchair, it’s that I literally don’t have feet.”

According to her, the audience picked up on the irony as well. “It’s funny though, they edited out a little bit. When they revealed the prizes the audience hesitated,” she says. “There was a feeling of, ‘Oh no, they’re not really serious. They’re not gonna do this, they’re not gonna put this woman through this.’ ”

But no matter what the reward, Perez says her competitive spirit got the better of her. “I was so hopped up on all the cash and prizes and endorphins,” she laughs, “You go and you just want to win. It doesn’t matter what it is.”

As for what she plans on doing with the treadmill, Perez says, “I’m really excited. At first I was going to sell it, but now with all of this happening, I kind of want to keep it to have as a memento. Maybe I could get Drew Carey to sign it for me. That’d be awesome.”

Perez plans on sharing all her behind-the-scenes experiences on The Price Is Right during her monthly comedy show called Gentrification in Highland Park, California, on May 29.

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