The site compiles every time a character stares at the camera, across a spectrum of emotions
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

Do you often ask yourself, “How would Dwight Schrute react to this?”

Well, wonder no longer. From the same folks who brought you the scarily thorough Office Time Machine, there’s now The Office Stare Machine, which sorts and displays reaction shots from every character when you search by emotions.

Constructed by Joe Sabia and Aaron Rasmussen, the Stare Machine had a simple genesis: “While spending 1.5 years finding over 1,300 cultural references for the Time Machine, Joe also scoured for every single time a character stares at the camera and says nothing.”

That’s right: Type “angry” and be rewarded with every angry facial expression from The Office‘s run. If you’re interested, Sabia revealed that Jim had the most “sad” expressions, Dwight had the most “devious” expressions, Pam had the most “worried” expressions, and – somewhat adorably – Michael Scott had the most “happy” expressions.

So now you know.

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