By People Staff
October 19, 2007 12:00 AM
Photo: NBC

Darn you, Office writers, for taking this long to give us a real, solid Jim and Pam romantic moment. Sure, the clandestine kiss in the car was ok, and the chaste peck-on-the-cheek by the snack machine was cute, but last night offered what we’ve all been waiting for since the Casino Night episode: A real, true, “we’re a couple now” Jim-and-Pam liplock! After Jim consoled Dwight on his breakup with Angela–and revealed that Pam was the real reason he left Scranton in the first place–Jim practically kicked down the door to Dunder Mifflin to kiss his beloved. They then, of course, began to nonchalantly discuss that night’s dinner at a new Italian restaurant, with Jim admitting, “I’m just really passionate about Italian food … I’m in love with Italian food.” Aww!!

What do you think: Do you like seeing Jim and Pam together as a couple, or do you long for the days when they were just flirtatious friends? –Cara Lynn Shultz

Photo: NBC