Byron J. Cohen/NBC
April 18, 2008 12:00 AM

After several episodes of stolen glances over the reception desk, revelations that Jim is “in love with Italian food” and one very sweet kiss, Jim (John Krasinski) revealed last night that he’s ready to kick his relationship with Pam (Jenna Fisher) up a notch. After joking that she couldn’t move in with Jim without being engaged, Jim — who pined away for Pam for two seasons — told Pam that a proposal is coming. Proving that he wasn’t kidding, he shows the camera a ring that he bought a week into dating. Gah! The mind races. Will Michael bring Jan to the wedding? Will Scrantonicity play? Will Kelly (again) wear white? Will Pam say yes? –Cara Shultz

Tell us: What will a Jim and Pam wedding be like?Byron J. Cohen/NBC

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