The Office's Jenna Fischer Opens Up About Filming Emotional Scene of Dwight Comforting Pam

"I watched this scene and it just brought tears to my eyes, because I remember shooting it so clearly," Jenna Fischer said on the most recent episode of the Office Ladies podcast

Jenna Fischer is remembering a particularly emotional moment from The Office.

Speaking with her Office Ladies podcast co-host Angela Kinsey, Fischer, 46, looked back on a tender moment between her character Pam Beesly and Rainn Wilson's character Dwight Schrute.

The duo were discussing the season 3 episode titled "Back from Vacation" — an episode that sees Dwight comfort Pam after she witnesses Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and girlfriend Karen (Rashida Jones) make up after a fight.

"Angela, I watched this scene and it just brought tears to my eyes, because I remember shooting it so clearly," Fischer said on the podcast.

Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer

"This was, like, early on in the show, and whenever we had these really emotional scenes, like the parking lot scene between Jim and Pam, we would just kind of shut down everything," she continued. "And I remember that we shut down the set and we took hours prepping and shooting this crying scene."

Fischer recalled the lengths she went to in order to be able to cry for the scene, in which Pam is "sobbing."

Pam and Dwight the office
Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer in The Office. Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo

"Rainn simply couldn't do that scene without empathizing with Pam. Every time we did a take he teared up when I cried harder," the actress said, getting emotional speaking about it before adding that looking back on the episode made her miss Wilson, 54.

"It was like Rainn Wilson the man was incapable of sitting next to a person in pain without feeling their pain, and this is a thing that we know about Rainn. It's a thing that we love about Rainn, and when I saw it in the scene it just made me miss Rainn so much, because that's who Rainn is to me on a personal level."

"It was a beautifully written scene," Fischer added. "I'm really proud of that scene, it's one of my favorites from the series that I got to do."

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