The NBC comedy's annual holiday episodes are some of the best

It’s officially Christmastime — and Mindy Kaling has a gift for Office fans everywhere.

In honor of the holidays, two years ago the actress shared a handy cheat sheet of every Christmas episode of the beloved NBC sitcom, so you can start binging right away. (The series is streaming on Peacock, with every episode available on Peacock Premium.)

As fans know, The Office‘s annual Christmas episodes are some of the best when it comes to Dunder Mifflin shenanigans. There are nine total, with at least one per season with the exceptions of season 1 and 4.

Keep reading for a complete list.

Season 2, Episode 10: “Christmas Party”

Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank

In the series’ first Christmas episode, the Scranton branch throws a holiday party. Michael insists on swapping Secret Santa gifts, and Jim worries his sweet and sentimental present for Pam will end up in Dwight’s hands.

Season 3, Episode 10 and 11: “A Benihana Christmas”

In the double episode, Michael gets his heart broken when his girlfriend Carol dumps him, so Andy takes him out drinking with Dwight and Jim at the local Benihana. Back at the office, tensions on the Party Planning Committee lead Karen and Pam to throw their own Christmas bash to rival Angela’s.

Season 5, Episode 11: “Moroccan Christmas”

Phyllis throws a Moroccan-themed party, but it all goes up in flames when Meredith gets drunk and accidentally sets her hair on fire. Meanwhile, Dwight takes advantage of the hottest toy of the Christmas season, the Princess Unicorn doll.

Season 6, Episode 13: “Secret Santa”

In this episode, written by Kaling, Michael is outraged when Jim allows Phyllis, not him, to dress up as Santa at their annual Christmas party. Meanwhile, Oscar develops a secret crush on a new warehouse worker, and Andy’s Secret Santa gift doesn’t go as planned.

Season 7, Episode 11 and 12: “Classy Christmas”

In this double episode, also written by Kaling, Michael is overjoyed when his old love, Holly Flax, returns to the office after Toby has to take a leave of absence. He forces Pam to throw a second Christmas party in honor of Holly’s return. Meanwhile, Jim regrets agreeing to a snowball fight with Dwight.

Season 8, Episode 10: “Christmas Wishes”

Once again written by Kaling, this episode sees Andy attempting to grant everyone’s holiday wishes. Meanwhile, Dwight and Jim are entangled in a prank war.

Season 9, Episode 9: “Dwight Christmas”

When the Party Planning Committee drops the ball on the annual Christmas party, Dwight gets everyone to celebrate with a traditional Schrute Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas.

Happy holidays — and happy streaming!