'The Muppets' Sneak Peek: Jason Bateman Meddles in Kermit's Meditation

One of the Bluth clan stresses out Kermit by tempting him with pizza and pumping him for professional connections

Photo: ABC

Did Jason Bateman just frog-block Kermit?

In an exclusive clip from Tuesday’s latest episode of The Muppets, the Horrible Bosses star turns out to be a pretty terrible yoga buddy, too, when he interrupts Kermit’s moment of Zen with a shapely redhead (not his new girlfriend Denise, it’s worth noting) during a relaxation retreat.

Guest-starring as a jerked-up version of himself, Bateman, 46, pulls a trippy whammy on Kermit by also tempting him with spa-rule-breaking pizza in order to weasel a professional connection out of the pushover amphibian.

Looks like a little time away from Miss Piggy won’t be enough to lower Kermit’s (cold) blood pressure, after all.

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The Muppets

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