"The town and location was chosen because we wanted a small simple wedding," Butch Patrick and his fiancée tells PEOPLE

By Brittany King
Updated September 07, 2016 03:15 PM
Credit: Stephen Russo

Butch Patrick will be a married man come Saturday, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal.

The former star if The Munsters is tying the knot at The Macon Roundhouse in Macon, Missouri.

The 63-year-old actor and his soon-to-be wife Leila Murray tell PEOPLE that they picked the perfect place to exchange their vows in front of their 90 guests.

“The town and location was chosen because we wanted a small, simple wedding,” the couple tells PEOPLE, “and it is themed as an early period picnic-type wedding as in the 1930s and 1940s.”

“Butch acquired his grandmother’s 1875 historical home earlier this year, and Macon will be our primary residence,” shares Murray.

As for happy couple’s history together, Murray says it was “one of those chance bonds in life.”

“We met a few years ago briefly at an event through our mutual friend, legendary [automobile designer] George Barris,” she says. “We reconnected this year while Butch was doing an event in Florida on his tour with his Munster Koach and Dragula Tribute Cars. It’s one of those chance bonds in life that rarely happens between two people and it was meant to be.”

“We are excited about the wedding on Saturday and our future together,” she adds. “Many great adventures ahead.”