Size Matters: The Men of 'Naked and Afraid XL' Tell All

The show's male participants answer PEOPLE's Burning Questions

Photo: Courtesy Discovery Channel

One thing most Naked and Afraid participants have in common: they're not shy. Everywhere they go, they're asked questions about their experience — and those questions aren't for the faint of heart.

Last week, we asked some of the show's women to weigh in on some of Naked and Afraid's most commonly asked questions, all of which were delicate and personal. This week, it's the guys' turn.

Steven Lee Hall, Jr. and Jake Nodar, who are both participating in his season's Naked and Afraid XL, gamely came up with answers to PEOPLE's nosiest questions.

Any Worries About Measuring Up?

On the regular Naked and Afraid, a guy and a girl are paired together for the adventure. That's intimidating enough. But in Naked and Afraid XL, there are 6 men and 6 women naked together in South Africa. What type of angst does that cause for the guys?

"I like to think that I've been blessed in that aspect," laughs Hall. "But of course, you check each other out when you meet. That's just natural, to see where you measure up."

"I'm very confident, probably too much so," laughs Nodar. "I was always very amused because the guys who were a little bit more shy would take their burlap sack and move it to the front in the loincloth position, and then there were guys like me who slung it around our shoulders like a cape."

Also, the guys say that they had few worries about unintended bodily functions.

"I didn't get an erection for 21 days in Alabama," Hall says. (Yeah, he went there.) "I was about to get the medical team to look at it; that was concern number one. But as soon as I took a hot shower afterward, everything was back. I was just happy it wasn't broken."

Manscaping: Yes or No?

"I did very little for the most part," says Nodar. "That being said, I'm always concerned about the big blur that people get on their backsides, so I did some serious sheep shearing on the butt."

"I did my back," says Hall. "They're going to blur everything else. By the time I got back, I looked like an anorexic Grizzly Adams."

Any Safety Concerns About Being Naked?

"Your clothes are your first shelter," says Hall. "So when you're naked, you're really vulnerable. You're chopping stuff with a knife, but you're naked. There's a lot of concern about safety."

"Also, there were a lot of ticks in Africa," he continues. "And they can be anywhere on your body. I got back to America, and I found a tick in my beard, and this was after I had gone over myself really carefully. You're really exposed doing the show."

The Women Said No Hookups Happened. What Do You Say?

"You're dirty, you're hungry, and you're tired. Sex is really the last thing on your mind," says Hall. "So there were no hookups involving me. Maybe there were others that I'll see when I watch the show."

"Yeah, that's not what this is all about," adds Nodar, who is single. "Naked and Afraid hasn't helped my dating life at all!"

The new season of Naked and Afraid XL continues on Sunday (10 p.m. ET) on the Discovery Channel.

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