'The Masked Singer' Names a Group A Champ — Find Out Whether Bull or Skunk Will Head to the Finale

Bull and Skunk each gave two performances on Wednesday's episode of The Masked Singer before the panel and audience decided on a winner

This post contains spoilers from Wednesday's episode of The Masked Singer.

The battle between Bull and Skunk for the title of Group A champion went down on Wednesday — and even featured a familiar face from The Masked Singer past.

Bull and Skunk each gave a solo performance and then dueted with another artist before judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke, along with the studio audience and at-home superfans, decided on the winner.

Bull opened the night by discussing their past in their clue package, which also showed a mermaid tail, butterflies and a checkered racing flag.

"After years of chasing my destiny, I got a big break. I thought it would change my life but instead, I changed myself because of what people around me were saying, and I regretted it for a long time," Bull said. "But one day I woke up and I realized that the qualities I was hiding were actually what gave me my superpowers. When I was true to myself my success skyrocketed."

For Bull's solo performance, they busted out the moves for an energetic rendition of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up." Jeong, 52, called it the "most entraining performance we've ever had on this show" and Scherzinger, 43, said that The Masked Singer "has never even played this league, this caliber."

bull performing

Host Nick Cannon announced that Bull and Skunk would both offer up one name of a person that does not correspond to their identity but has come up as one of the judges' guesses throughout the season. Bull called out Alexander Hamilton, since the panel thought the bovine creature might be an actor from Broadway's Hamilton.

"I am not Alexander Hamilton, nor was I in the Broadway show — yet — but I did perform at the same venue where Hamilton had its Broadway debut," Bull said.

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The judges guessed Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Adam Lambert, Jaden Smith and theater actor Jeremy Pope.

Skunk followed up with a story about when she went to church with her "good friend" Whitney Houston, and they saw a young lady crying.

"I'm thinking, clearly she's crying because she sees Whitney Houston, you know?" Skunk said in their clue package. "And so the lady got up and she was saying that my song got her through so much and she was literally crying like, 'I know God is real because I never thought I would ever see you in my life.' And then I started crying!"

skunk performing

That moment showed Skunk that "my actions and the hardships I've been through did just make me stronger, they helped other people too." Her clue package also showcased a sign for the presidential suite, the Statue of Liberty and hot sauce.

The black and white mammal sang Aretha Franklin's "I Never Love a Man (The Way I Love You)" in a way that made McCarthy, 49, think Skunk "could be our new winner."

Skunk said that they're not Jill Scott, "However we have performed together a few times in the past."

The panel tossed out the names of Mary J. Blige, Brandy and Faith Evans for Skunk's identity.

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For the second part of the night, Bull sang alongside season 3 runner-up Jesse McCartney, who was formerly Turtle. Bull confessed in their second clue package that they didn't take to their costume at first.

"I am a person who's never really believed in my voice and I'm going to be honest: When I first saw the Bull I was not 100 percent sold on it," Bull admitted. "It didn't really feel like it resonated with who I am, but with every round, I discovered what I had in common with the Bull. I am tough. I'm a romantic I'm a fighter."

Bull and McCartney, 34, belted "Breakeven" by The Script.

bull performing jesse mccartney

Skunk teamed with Masked Singer newcomer Michael Bolton, whom she revealed in her second clue package she actually sang with previously.

"My focus lately has been on my family, especially my youngest son," Skunk added. "He's unique and faces challenges others maybe don't, but getting to see the world through his eyes has been so touching. It actually gave me the courage to do this, to put myself out there in a crazy skunk costume."

Skunk and Bolton, 69, gave an animated version of "Ain't No Mountain High" that had Jeong singing along.


After what Cannon, 41, called "one of the closest votes in Masked Singer history," he announced that Bull narrowly beat out Skunk to win the Group A Finals.

Thicke, 44, and Scherzinger agreed Faith Evans would be under the Skunk disguise — and they guessed correctly! The "I'll Be Missing You" singer, 48, appeared after being unmasked.

skunk/ faith evans
Faith Evans as Skunk. Michael Becker / FOX; Arturo Holmes/Getty

"This is a lot of work," Evans said of her Masked Singer experience. "However, it was so much fun!

Cannon asked Evans how it felt to be performing again amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "It feels good," the mother of four replied. "It feels like I never left. It feels like I came back with about 20 extra lbs.!"

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on Fox.

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