'The Masked Singer' 's Group A Does the Time Warp in Halloween Episode — and Unmasks 1 More Celeb

The Fox reality competition introduced new wildcard contestant Jester to face off against Bull, Hamster, Pepper and Skunk on Wednesday's episode

This post contains spoilers from Wednedsay's episode of The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer got in the Halloween spirit Wednesday by doing the time warp.

Dressed as Michael Jackson, host Nick Cannon kicked off the night by introducing disguised performer Soft Serve, who sang "This Little Light of Mine." The sweet ice cream cone turned out to be actor Leslie Jordan, this week's guest judge, taking a seat next to panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke.

In each undercover celebrity's clue package, they discussed a time in their life they'd want to visit. Group A's Bull began by talking about leaving their "stable job to go and chase my dreams."

The Masked Singer

"Like the Fresh Prince, suddenly my life was turned upside down," Bull said in their clue package, which also showed nails, theatrical masks and Hall & Oates. "I found myself alone in a strange new place, living in an apartment full of cockroaches. But when I look back at that moment, I'm just unbelievably proud because the risk absolutely paid off."

Bull crooned Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" on a bed of roses, American Beauty-style. "I'm just blown away," said Jordan.

The Masked Singer

After each performance, the Men in Black brought out a throwback item that offered a glimpse at each secret star's identity. For Bull, they presented an old Mac desktop computer. "This takes me back," Bull said. "I love this thing, but it made the most annoying sound ever. That sound will forever live rent-free in my head."

The judges guessed Bull could be actors Taye Diggs or Cheyenne Jackson, or pop star Lil Nas X.

Pepper came up next. "If I could revisit any time in my life, it would be when I first hit big," Pepper said in their clue package. "I was suddenly pulled in a million directions. There were interviews, award shows, red carpets, but I think sometimes you can get so caught up in what's next that you're not really living in the what's now. And I wish that I'd enjoyed that time for what it was."

The Masked Singer

Pepper also revealed they signed on to do The Masked Singer just days before it started filming. "I always believed in magic," Pepper added. "I see myself a bit of a wizard."

Pepper chose "No Tears Left to Cry" by Ariana Grande. "You're rapidly becoming one of my favorites," said Jeong. Then the Men in Black displayed an iPod for Pepper's time machine clue. "All you have to do is plug it in, and let's get the party started," Pepper said.

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The panel suggested Ellie Goulding, Idina Menzel and Pink for Pepper's identity, and Pepper received a video message from celeb BFF Courteney Cox. "Have the best time. Do your thing!" said the Friends star.

Skunk followed up by saying they'd use a time machine to head back to the '90s to "fix" one of their biggest regrets. "One night I let my pride stop me from saying 'hi' to a loved one," Skunk said in their clue package. "Little did I know I would never get a chance to see them again. If I could do it all over, all I'd want to do is give them a hug. That one hug could've changed the course of history."

The Masked Singer

The black and white mammal brought the energy with Teena Marie's "Square Bizz." "That was a perfect choice and the way you sang it was epic," said McCarthy.

For Skunk's time machine clue, the Men in Black unveiled a beeper showing the numbers 607. "If someone sent me these three digits, it would make me feel like a complete dream girl," Skunk said, garnering Cynthia Erivo, Faith Evans and Jennifer Hudson as guesses.

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Next, Hamster recalled a Luis Miguel concert afterparty he attended with his wife in the '90s.

"Everyone was there: Leonardo DiCaprio, Drew Barrymore, Jerry Seinfeld," Hamster said. "But the only person who really impressed my wife was Luis Miguel, so when we spotted him at the party, she was ecstatic. I think that's the only time she's ever been impressed with anything I've ever done in my career."

The Masked Singer

Hamster dedicated a rendition of Miguel's "Sabor a Mí" to his wife. His time machine clue — a small portable television from circa 1984 — delivered major retro vibes. "I never imagined that many, many años later, me, the Hamster, would be on this with all my amigos," he said.

The judges hypothesized that Hamster could be Marc Anthony, Sean Astin, Gabriel Iglesias or Martin Short.

Last up, new wildcard contestant Jester. "I've been called an icon," Jester said in their clue package. "You could say I've changed the course of history." But Jester admitted to running into some trouble, too. "I've also been called a scoundrel," the joker said. "I've offended heads of state, been banned from famous venues. Though in reality, I'm not a bad guy. In fact, that's why I'm here."

The Masked Singer

Jester introduced themselves by rocking out to Alice Cooper's "School's Out," which McCarthy called "amazing." The Men in Black took out a tattered checkered suit for Jester's time machine clue. "This is pure style," the newcomer said.

Roger Daltrey, Ricky Gervais and Dee Snider all came up as possibilities for Jester.

With the performances wrapped for the night, the studio audience, at-home superfans and judges cast their votes. Cannon then revealed that Hamster received the least amount of votes and would be heading home.

McCarthy's final guess of Rob Schneider turned out to be correct, and the comedic actor appeared from under the furry rodent suit.

The Masked Singer
Rob Schneider as Hamster. Fox; David Livingston/Getty

"It's hard competing against a bull who can do the splits. That's pretty impressive," said the former Saturday Night Live cast member, 57. "I saw that and I said, 'I'm gonna take my nut bag and get out of here.'"

Schneider admitted that performing made him slightly anxious. "I was backstage. I was so nervous and I go, what am I this nervous about? I'm dressed as a hamster," he said. "You get into it. It is one of the best experiences I've ever had."

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on Fox.

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