'The Little Couple' 's Jennifer Arnold: We Don't Hide Anything in Our House

"Will understands that mommy's sick," the neonatologist and reality star says in this new exclusive clip

Photo: Justin Coit

Turns out when your mom is a doctor, you get a whole new level of detail when you pretend.

Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein of TLC’s hit reality show The Little Couple had a wild ride of a year last year, welcoming their son Will, 3, from China and daughter Zoey, 2, from India and then handling her life-threatening cancer diagnosis and fight to remission.

But the couple still settled into life as new parents, scheduling play time that included helping Zoey understand what a doctor’s visit would be like before she went to a checkup herself, even while Arnold was having her own treatment, in an exclusive sneak peek here of the next episode of The Little Couple, airing Tuesday at 10 p.m.

“Will understands that mommy’s sick, and it’s touching, we don’t hide anything in our house,” Arnold, 39, says in the episode.

Arnold, a neonatologist at Texas Children’s Hospital, and Klein, 39, a business owner who runs their Houston-based pet store Rocky & Maggie’s Petshop, have forms of skeletal dysplasia, as do Will and Zoey, and both say part of the reason they agreed to participate in the show was to help educate people about their lives – and how they face challenges together.

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