'The Little Couple' Stars Get Approval to Bring New Baby Home

With their son Will safely settled, the new parents plan for their daughter's arrival

Photo: TLC

As adoptive parents know, waiting for their child to come home is a happy – and nerve-racking – time.

For Dr. Jennifer Arnold, 39, and husband Bill Klein, 38, of TLC’s The Little Couple, their path to parenthood has included heartbreak as well as joy. Earlier this year, they welcomed son Will home from China. Now, it looks as if they’ll be doubly blessed in 2013 – the couple has been given the final approval to travel to India to pick up their new daughter, Zoey.

They share the happy news in an episode of their show airing Tuesday (10 p.m. ET) on TLC. While Will is learning his alphabet, Jen finds out that their final approval from the orphanage in India has come through in an exclusive clip from the episode (see below).

“We are thrilled to pieces that this is actually finally happening,” Arnold says. “I think the process has made Bill and I at moments very nervous, anxious, but now I feel like I can actually start to get a little excited.”

Zoey also has a form of dwarfism like her soon-to-be brother Will and her adoptive parents, a challenge the couple have said they are uniquely suited to handle.

“We are pretty tough people,” Arnold told PEOPLE earlier this year. “For Bill and I, we have been through so much in our lives. We’ve been through the challenges of dealing with prejudices because we are little people, we’ve dealt with physical challenges, and multiple surgeries. Yet we are able to walk around and have a happy life. We are so happy to share that life with our children.”

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