'The Little Couple' : How We Survived Cancer and a Difficult Adoption

Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein talk candidly about getting through tough times

Photo: TLC

The last few years have not been easy for Dr. Jennifer Arnold and her husband Bill Klein, stars of TLC’s hit reality show The Little Couple.

After getting the good news that they were able to adopt their daughter Zoey, 3, from an orphanage in India, they soon received the very bad news that Arnold was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer.

The couple are now opening up to PEOPLE about the difficulties they faced dealing with cancer and introducing Zoey into their lives – a transition that did not go as smoothly as they’d hoped.

“She wanted nothing to do with us,” Arnold tells PEOPLE. “It was months before she really came around.”

Although the couple – who also have a son, Will, 5, whom they adopted from China in 2013 – were dealing with Arnold’s cancer, they tried their best to create a sense of normalcy for their two kids.

“I remember playing Ring Around the Rosie at night and reading bedtime stories,” says Arnold.

The games, books and love paid off, and the proud parents say Zoey is now “a normal, happy 3-year-old.”

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Arnold, who has been cancer-free for two years, credits her family with helping her get through the darkest days.

“I think concentrating on the kids kept me very distracted,” she tells PEOPLE.

But Klein says his wife’s positive attitude was also a huge help.

“She was never the ‘Woe is me’ kind of person,” says Klein. “She never complained about chemo or cancer. She’s a superhero.”

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