By Kate Hogan
Updated September 01, 2015 05:35 PM
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

They’ve already introduced us to characters with names like “Dirty Randy,” but the creators of FXX’s The League have pulled out all the stops for the show’s upcoming final season.

“Craziness. Debauchery. Would you expect anything else?” star Stephen Rannazzisi tells PEOPLE. “We did some awful stuff to people this year. We’re wrapping it up the way you’d expect us to – we’re off to the races. We’re ready to finish it with a bang.”

Spoilers aside (but fans take note: good cameos ahead!), the cast is feeling “stressed” as the end nears, Rannazzisi says. “I think we’ll become sadder toward the last week of filming,” he shares (they’re about two-thirds of the way there). “But we’re a horribly offensive comedy, so I don’t think we’ll end with a Mary Tyler Moore Show moment where we’re all hugging, either.” Truth be told he doesn’t actually know: writers haven’t handed over the final scripts just yet, he says.

What he does know: that in the years to come, fantasy football will be a lot more enjoyable for him.

“Fans ask me for advice a lot,” says Rannazzisi, who recently partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings on their #FantasyFootballFrenzy campaign, which helps fans create team names and better plan their own fantasy football drafts. “But I tell them I don’t know what I’m doing, that I’m not an expert and just giving my opinion – and to not hurt my family when things don’t go well.”

Stephen Rannazzisi: Reveals What To Expect During The League‘s Last Season

He does have some experience, though: turns out the cast of The League has its very own league. “People think it must be the greatest league ever, and we do have fun, but it’s not nearly what it is on the show,” he reveals. “We work for 13 hours a day dealing with fantasy, making fun of each other the last thing I really feel like doing at home is setting a lineup and hitting the message board to trash the person I just spent 13 hours of my life trashing on set.”

That’s not to say he isn’t sad about the series winding down. “When we started this, we were all at the same level, learning the business together. It was our first television series experience, and we grew up together. So not seeing these guys every day, not working with the funniest people in the world, it’ll be tough. The nexus of what we have, I don’t think I’ll get that at my next job.”

The next jobs are pretty great, though: a stint on New Girl and a Comedy Central special, Breaking Dad (it airs Sept. 19). But Rannazzisi plans to always keep a little bit of The League with him.

“There’s a Kevin MacArthur Chicago Bears jersey that I actually took last year because I wasn’t sure we were going to sign a new deal,” he admits. “They asked me about it already and I said I have no idea what they’re talking about,” (so shh!). “And if I can grab it, I hope to take the Mr. McGibblets head.” Let’s hope Taco lets that one slide.

The final season of The League premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 9, on FXX.