October 28, 2009 12:00 AM

Jayde vs. Brody. Justin Bobby vs. Kristin. JB vs. BJ. Steph and Heidi vs. Holly. Holly vs. her self-respect. While there were still a few Hill-arious moments like Stacie‘s under-cleavage and drunk dance-off part deux, Tuesday’s episode of The Hills focused on catfights, angry lovers, head games, interventions and the possibility of a Kristin-Brody reunion. –Carrie Bell

Party Pooper: Kristin decided to throw an end-of-summer party at her beach house and Brody was on the guest list, which Jayde did not appreciate. “Going to her house isn’t something I really want to do. Every time we’re around her, we get into a fight,” she said. Brody declared he was going despite her boycott. Jayde showed to check up on him and brought the drama. She pushed away from his hug and talked trash on him in the kitchen. “It’s not fair that he can get drunk, do whatever he wants, talk to who ever and be so rude to me,” she said. “He doesn’t care about me.” Brody overheard called her delusional, rude and frustrating. He eventually stormed out, claiming, “I’m done. It’s over.”

Game Bored: After hearing about Justin-Bobby’s latest tricks, both Stacie and Brody agreed that he was playing games with KC’s heart. But she reminded everyone of her three-strikes rule. On the day of the party, he texted that he wasn’t going to show (“Sorry boo, strike two!”) and then did and called it a joke. She was not happy. “Why pull s— like that? It’s annoying. It wasn’t a funny joke,” KC said before threatening that if he hadn’t come, it would have been over.

Beach Blanket Blotto: The first thing Holly did when she arrived at the party wash mix a drink. Stephanie rolled her eyes. The camera caught her grabbing a splash here and a shot there and she did another impromptu dance solo — this time resurrecting the running man and the booty slap. Steph and Heidi ambushed her later to remind her that she said she’d stop drinking. “I’m going to tone it down. If I think it’s okay to drink, I’m going to have a few,” she said. “It’s my choice. I’m an adult woman.” When Steph said she should go to rehab, Holly cried and assured them there was no drinking problem. “I can go weeks and weeks without drinking and be fine. I can’t stand being talked to like I’m a child,” she said. Heidi made a final plea: “You’re my only sister and if something happened to you, I don’t know how I would live with myself.” Another mention of professional help sent Holly flying out the door. “I don’t need this from you guys,” she said.

Sloppy Seconds: In her post-party recap, Kristin admitted to Stacie that having JB and BJ in the same place made her realize she has “more fun with Brody” and contemplated how juicy it’d be if they dated again. It seems she is not alone in her thoughts of rekindling a past flame. Brody played KC’s protector when JB showed at the party, calling him on his head games and pausing for the slightest second when JB suggested he doth protest too much. He later told Jayde, who believes it’s “obvious KC still has feelings” for Brody, that he didn’t “want to hook up with Kristin,” but that he wasn’t totally ruling out the possibility. “Why are we even sitting here talking if you don’t know if you have feelings for another girl?” Jayde said, storming out. “You figure out what you want. If you want to get back together and apologize, call me.”

Tell us: Should KC and BJ give their relationship another shot? Did Jayde have a right to be mad this time? Do you think Holly is having fun or headed for rock bottom? courtesy MTV

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