Photo: MTV
October 16, 2007 12:00 AM

It’s the neverending saga of the sex tape we’ll never see! First Jen Bunny stirs things up by a) re-entering Lauren‘s life with a few oh-so-sincere “I missed you’s” and hair flips, and b) telling her that Brody may have spread the rumor that a scandalous video exists (that is, according to the never questionable and always reliable Heidi and Spencer). Then, Lauren sets off on a mission: to get Brody to admit who really started the gossip. But while she presses him to blurt out what she wants to hear (rhymes with Schmeidi), we’re left wondering why the show is circling back to a tired-old rumor–and why Lauren and Brody aren’t dating already! What do you think? Do Lauren and Brody have the right chemistry for a relationship?

Bonus question: What was the best moment of the night? Our pick: the previews. Someone needs to tell Spencer to get a job. –Janice Morris

Photo: MTV

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