By People Staff
Updated November 11, 2008 12:00 AM

Drama went bicoastal this week on The Hills. For Speidi, there was further fallout from her firing at an LA club while Whit’s old love interest, Alex, may have gotten replaced by the next top model in New York.

Runway Reunion: LC and Whitney were sent East for Men’s Fashion Week and they got assigned to the Buckler show. First, boss Kelly Cutrone chewed them out for not having on all black, which everyone was supposed to be wearing, and then switched gears and teased Whit about her boy Alex being one of the show’s models, which meant her best friend was going to see him in his underwear a lot.

During fittings, Whit did her natural flirty thing with Texas Adam (a dead ringer for young Guy Ritchie) before Alex came in and stripped down to his chonies. (If I were Whit, I wouldn’t have been okay with my best friend seeing his ill-planned red pair.) You could sense there was trouble in paradise from the get-go when LC commented on how cute Adam was and all Whit could come up with to say about Alex was how “nice” he was. They had several minutes of awkward conversation and hugging before the show. He genuinely seemed bummed that she was leaving the next morning, but she pushed the convo back to business and told him his stage makeup looked like “a really bad fake tan.” Adam made his move as they were lining up, inviting the duo of dressers to an afterparty at his restaurant for catered food, drinks and the easy, chill sounds of friend’s band. Alex overheard the invite and looked like another dog just peed all over his territory. As they left, Whit called him the N-word again and tacked on “really nervous” to that glowing review.

She’s with the Band: They accepted Adam’s invite to Il Bastardo and Adam introduced them to his girlfriend so he was off the table. Whit was immediately drawn to the shaggy-haired lead singer/guitar strummer Jay whom Adam nicknamed The Serenader because he just serenades. (Wow, so clever!) When Alex showed up with his friends, there wasn’t enough room for them to sit at the same table, or the same club level for that matter. Whit claimed she wouldn’t abandon LC, but it was obvious she was waiting for Jay to exit the stage. When he joined the group, she forgot all about her timeshare deal with Alex. She and LC giggled and declared numerous times how hot Jay was.

LC pushed Whit to be bold, “We’re only here for a night.” Whit didn’t want to appear “too forward or too available.” In the end, she went with a classic move – she bought him a shot. He lived up to his pet name and offered to sing his song “Kisses” to her later and groused that they didn’t have enough time to get to know each other. When she and Jay were talking about how hard breakups are and their last relationships (not exactly best first-meet convo), Alex interrupted and asked to speak to her. Whit shrugged it off. Jay invited her to go check out his place and convinced her out of going “to say goodbye to Alex really fast.” Of course, now that she was walking off arm in arm with a hot Ozzie, she no longer felt bad about ditching LC. Alex’s friends broke the bad news. “You know what just happened right? Your girl just beat it with that Australian kid.” Alex defended it. “I don’t think that’s exactly what’s going on.” Oh, Alex denial is not just a river in Egypt. We’re afraid the Whitney ship has sailed … to Australia.

Jobless, Not Makeup-Less: After being let go from Bolthouse Productions in the last episode, Heidi got up early the next morning and tried to put on a brave (and very painted) face. We are at a loss to explain why she needed to be in full makeup to walk to the other room to update her r sum , but we commend her for trying to use her first day of unemployment so wisely.

Spencer, of course, was anything but helpful or mature, questioning why she got up so early, tempting her with breakfast and hanging out and suggesting she put him down as a reference. He even asked the obvious, which was bold considering he helped land her in hot water with the big cheeses on numerous occasions. “Why are you in such a bad mood, yo?”

“Because I got fired from my job that I’ve worked really hard at for three years by being such an idiot. I can’t believe I let it all just happen like that.” He didn’t win the breakfast battle, but he did convince her to take advantage of her first free night by going out to have fun.

Public Indecency, Part Deux: Their night out smacked of a setup as they wound up at a function connected to Brent when their goal was to go out for fun in order to forget. First, he suggested that they get water because he didn’t think they should drink that night. Imagine if only he’d had that plan last week! He didn’t wait for her answer before ordering and his evil beady eyes locked on to Brent in a corner. He decided to go confront him, but Heidi begged him, “Don’t say anything please. Leave it alone.” So Spencer did what any self-respecting, overprotective control freak beau would have done. He excused himself to use the restroom, but disobeyed her wishes and made a beeline for Brent. He pleaded, “I feel so awful about the situation. She lives and breathes SBE. I know because I never see her. (He still managed a way to make it about him.) Moral of the story is, there’s no excuses here.” Huh? WTF? How exactly is that a moral let alone the moral?

Brent responded, “I don’t understand why every time you come around there’s problems. Vegas. That night. Honestly, this is not a conversation for me and you to have. You didn’t work for me; Heidi did. I don’t even know you. It makes me uncomfortable. I don’t even want to see you at any of my stuff. You’re bad news.” Sometimes Spencer stares so hard at we’re beginning to think he believes he could blow them up with his mind if he just concentrated hard enough.

Heidi tried to remedy the situation by going over on her own behalf next. “I am so sorry for how everything happened. I’m so embarrassed. I told him not to come up to you.” Brent called it like everyone sees it. “Dude, your boyfriend’s a nightmare. You’re an adult and you’re responsible for your own actions. You can’t let like that influence your life and make bad decisions for you. You are the company you keep. You just can’t have like that in your life.”

But the doormat still stuck up for him (“He’s not a bad person”) even though he’d ignored her request before saying probably the most adult thing we’d ever heard come out of her mouth. “The bottom line is that I’m very sorry about what happened at work and if there was ever any way I could possibly get any kind of job with you guys again, just consider it. Nothing like that would ever happen again.” He seemed unconvinced but he agreed to talk to Sam about it. Unrealistic much? If she wasn’t on a reality show and Bolthouse businesses weren’t getting tons of airtime, there’s no way a boss would reconsider after having already given her numerous chances and finding her drunk and unprofessional at a work function. –Carrie Bell

Tell us: Do you think it was rude how Whitney ignored Alex and made the moves on Jay despite their history? Should and will Brent re-hire Heidi? Did Spencer sabotage her on purpose at work?