November 04, 2008 12:00 AM

Last week, the scenes from the next episode clips promised a show you wouldn’t want to miss and MTV wasn’t kidding. Between on-the-job boozing, surprise roommate exits, rejected cohabitation proposals and unemployment, The Hills were alive with the sound of drama.

Moving on Out: Audrina wandered into LC’s room, let her drone on about how cool she felt that she was going to see a “rock show” (Tokyo Police Club) and then dropped a bomb – she’d found a house and the movers were coming that weekend. Judging by the distance her jaw dropped, it was obviously news to LC that Aud was even looking for a place. She tried to cover up her shock by asking if she’d told Justin-Bobby yet. She’s hadn’t although she added, “It will be like he lives there but I’m not going to plan on anything.”

LC worried how the move would affect their relationship. “It was just so quick. It was literally like, ‘By the way, I’m going to move like right now.’ She’ll always be my friend. We’ll see, though.” At work, Whitney gave the “yikes” look when LC told her Aud planned to live with JB. At home, Lo figured JB would never forgive her for forever branding him with the double moniker. At school, the She-Pratt pondered (in what seemed to be a mean-spirited way) whether this move would lead to more Aud/Heidi hang time. “Spencer likes Justin so that might be the new crew.” Mi Casa, Su Casa?: Aud broke the big news to JB over dinner at Caf Was. “It’s really cute. It’s not too big so I won’t be afraid. I feel like it’s time to move on.” She looked like she wanted to say more and he picked up on it, baiting her to divulge her thoughts. (Apparently, that night was part of the 90 percent of times where they’re connected and have a good thing going.) “I don’t know if I want to live by myself. Would you want to move in?” He noticeably grimaced and replied in his slacker devil-may-care style, “Let it just happen and see what happens. We’re pretty sure that was not the answer she was looking for.

She gave her sister a tour and it made us hate her more. If you’ve ever questioned whether life is unfair, you don’t have to look farther than the Hills for proof. She’s basically an assistant at a record company who lucked onto an MTV show and she’s buying a Spanish-style mansion. And then she made that insipid comments about the stairs, “It’s going to be a good butt workout,” and discussed her plans to decorate like a Stevie Nicks video. “I want to put candles everywhere and make it really girly with white fabric.”

When the big day came, JB was noticeably and expectedly absent. LC, who did offer to help, wondered where he was and Aud per usual made up some excuses. “I think he’s working or something. Once I get everything to the house, I’ll make him come and help.” (Writing checks she can’t cash again!) Although she had barely packed anything — and the movers were already on site– Aud began reminiscing about the good ole days with LC. “We did a lot of stuff in the last two years,” Aud started. LC countered, “I’m gonna miss my partner in crime. Who are you going to cry with at your house? All the big stuff I’ve had to go through, it’s been nice to have someone there. It’s not the end of the story. It’s the to be continued.” Someone should remind them that they spent a good chunk of last season and this one growing apart and fighting.

Drink Irresponsibly: Sam Nazarian and Brent Bolthouse were finally ready to open XIV, a restaurant that has been under construction on Sunset for what seems like 10 years and Heidi was coordinating the whole shebang. During the walk-through, Sam made a comment about the Vegas job she had left them high and dry on and Heidi assured him she’d be there this time. Later when Heidi said she planned to invite Spencer, Kimberley advised against it. “It’s going to be huge and high stress. This is a big one.” Heidi blew off her concern. “It’s all under control and what’s the harm in adding one more to the guest list.”

As the night got under way and everything was “under control,” Heidi started celebrating with tequila. When Spencer arrived, Heidi was three drinks ahead and obviously hadn’t had any food. She proclaimed, “I am the bar.” (Is this anything like being the walrus?) Spencer tried to get her to pour her current drink into his glass. She refused and they were distracted by the arrival of the She-Pratt, Aud, JB and Aud’s sister. They toasted to new beginnings and Heidi ordered more tequila while chanting “I’m so wasted.”

Sam walked past looking for Brent and asked Heidi if she knew where he was and “if she was still working.” She shot back, “Are you?” Spencer made it worse by asking if the big cheese wanted a shot. It was obvious Sam was flabbergasted and unimpressed by their lack of professionalism. He answered Heidi’s question whether he needed anything with, “I’m OK when you guys are working” and told Spencer to let them do their job. As she returned to work and Sam retreated shaking his head, an egomaniacal smile spread across his face as if he enjoyed seeing the rising career woman knocked on her a–.

Unhappy Hour: Brent called Kim in to chat about the drunk and disorderly display at XIV. Brent said that Sam was pissed off they were wasted and Kim played innocent and ignorant when he point blank asked if they had been drinking “I definitely wasn’t. Out of respect for you, I would never do that.” She didn’t sell Heidi down the river entirely, but she also didn’t warn Heidi about the line of questioning when she sent her to face the firing squad.

Heidi looked shocked in her flowing mother-of-the-bride jacket (Seriously bad fashion choice!) when the boss let her have it. “You had responsibilities that night. I can’t have you visibly intoxicated in front of my partner. Then he said your boyfriend was there. That’s not OK. If he influences you in a bad way at the workplace, then that’s something you need to sort out. I put a lot of faith in you and I fight for you all the time. I don’t have much of a choice. I’m firing you.” She apologized but his mind was made up. Loved how Kim was in the bottom of the frame as she skulked out of the office. –Carrie Bell

Tell us: Do you think Brent was justified in firing Heidi for getting drunk on duty? How do you think Spencer really feels about the termination? What do you think is the real status of LC and Aud’s relationship?

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