June 15, 2010 01:00 AM

There’s going to be drama at the club!

In a clip from Tuesday’s episode of The Hills, Kristin and Audrina catch some rays while catching up on gossip after a night out at Les Deux, where Audrina and her boyfriend Ryan Cabrera ran into her ex Justin Bobby.

“You and Ryan got up so fast,” Kristin says.

“I know,” Audrina says. “He was just uncomfortable. I didn’t know that Justin was going to be there.”

“It’s inevitable you guys are going to run into him eventually,” Kristin says. “It’s L.A. and we all go to the same spots, so … “

Ryan could be uncomfortable because Audrina recently told him their relationship might be at a "dead end." They’ve since broken up.

“Even though it was a little uncomfortable, I kind of wish he would have sat there a little longer,” Audrina says. “It was kind of like Ryan’s opportunity to sit there and kind of stand his ground.”

Then, Kristin wonders about Justin’s motives: “Maybe he found out you’re dating Ryan and he just can’t handle it,” she says. “He’s coming to win you back.”

Audrina’s response: “Who knows?”

The Hills airs Tuesday (10 p.m. EST) on MTV.

Tell us: Will Audrina ever get back together with Justin?

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