The Hills: Are Speidi Done–for Good?

Apparently their fight over wedding plans wasn’t as easily resolved with roses and an apology as Spencer had hoped. In last night’s episode of The Hills, Heidi reveals to Spencer’s sister Stephanie that, because of all the trouble planning a fairy-tale wedding has caused, she may not be ready to walk down the aisle.

“He’s just over it and I’m burnt out and it’s all happening so fast and I feel like if anything it’s just tearing us apart,” Heidi tells Stephanie in confidence. “I want to be engaged and I want to get married but maybe we should postpone this and wait a little bit.”

Later, at the stationery shop, Stephanie spills to her brother that Heidi may not be ready to get married. Spencer decides to wait on paying for the save-the-date cards and talk to his “future bride” first.

That doesn’t go so well. “Is the big wedding just an excuse for you to stall and not have a wedding,” Spencer asks Heidi at their apartment.

“You don’t want this,” Heidi fires back. “It seems like a nightmare for you.”

After more sparks fly, Spencer storms out (again) but not before Heidi shouts, “Don’t you dare leave,” and, “If you leave, don’t come back!”

Meanwhile, Lauren seems ready to push the issue with Brody and find her way out of relationship “limbo.” She likes him but she knows he’s seeing other girls. “I want Brody to want to not do it without me saying anything,” she says.

However, things are going much better for Audrina. Since breaking up with Justin Bobby, she has found a new guy, an Aussie named Corey, whom she calls a “gentleman” and a “keeper.” Lauren is just happy he bathes.

So is this the beginning of a romance for Audrina and Lauren and the end of Speidi? Well, not quite. Based on the scenes from the season finale, we’ll get to see at least one more tearful conversation between the lovelorn couple and another awkward “is it a date?” dinner between Brody and Lauren. Stay tuned…–Aaron Parsley

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