Archie Panjabi reveals her exit plan for the CBS drama

By Lynette Rice
Updated March 14, 2015 11:45 AM
Credit: Eike Schroter/CBS

The party’s almost over for Kalinda Sharma.

Actress Archie Panjabi – who announced in October that she’ll leave The Good Wife at season’s end – let her fans know via Twitter that she’s getting her affairs in order before her big exit.

“I took down the name sign from my dressing room today! Not long to go!” she Tweeted.

Panjabi’s contract ends in May. She’s already lined up a new gig to star in a yet-to-be-determined pilot for 20th Century Fox TV.

At PaleyFest recently, Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King tipped off PEOPLE about how they plan to address Kalinda’s exit.

“Well, she can’t go out Will Gardner-style because you guys know that she’s leaving,” said Robert King. “Will Gardner-style was that no one knew. So that could be a shock. Since everybody expects [Kalinda’s departure], it’s a whole different beast.”

And don’t expect a new Kalinda-type to join the firm, Robert King added – but there will be a new character.

“There is a certain amount of money for regular actors, actors you have on every episode,” said Robert King. “With the loss of Archie, there’s a gap. There’s a hole.”

“But just like there was with the loss of Will Gardner (Josh Charles), last year, we didn’t want it to be a Josh Charles type, which is why [they added] Matthew Goode,” he added. “There will be [a new character], but I wouldn’t say it would be Archie specific.”

With reporting by SCOTT HUVER