'The Good Place' 's Manny Jacinto Dishes on His Plans for a 'Funky' Wedding with Fiancée Dianne Doan

"We have a lot of family, so we've got plan it out right so we can all have a good time," the actor told PEOPLE

About a month after announcing his engagement to his longtime girlfriend Dianne Doan, Manny Jacinto is in full wedding planning mode.

Speaking to PEOPLE at the 2019 GQ Men of the Year Celebration in Los Angeles on Thursday, the Good Place actor dished on the upcoming nuptials, revealing the couple has been looking at venues in Vancouver, where they’re both from.

“We like it out there,” he said. “A lot of important moments have happened out there, so I think we’d like to keep it within that city because it’s very special to us.”

“It’s going to come quick, so we have to get ahead of it and be prepared for what’s to come,” he added. “We have a lot of family, so we’ve got to plan it out right so we can all have a good time!”

Jacinto, 32, said his main priority is making sure Doan, 29, is content on the big day.

“I think as long as she’s happy, I’m happy,” he said. “It’s going to be more so her day, if anything. So as long as she’s happy and relaxed and calm, I’ll be happy, relaxed and calm. I think that’s the biggest thing.”

As for whether they have a theme or playlist in mind?

“We’re definitely going to have some funky stuff going on, whether it be some hip-hop, or some Motown,” he said. “Some Motown is always a good thing to get people going. So yeah, it needs to be lively and fun, and I think that kind of music is always a good go-to.”

Dianne Doan and Manny Jacinto
Manny Jacinto and Dianne Doan. John Salangsang/Shutterstock

And if you’re wondering, “of course” his costars on the NBC comedy will be invited.

“If they’re able to make it, we’ll see,” he said. “But yeah, there’s going to be some special seats just for them.”

The actor, who plays Jason Mendoza on The Good Place, added that he sees costar Ted Danson and his wife of 23 years Mary Steenburgen as relationship inspiration.

“I could just look at Ted and Mary Steenburgen and look at how they’ve flourished in their relationship,” he said. “Just seeing how they work, because they’re both actors and Dianne, my fiancée, is an actor. So yeah, just seeing them together and seeing them work is pretty special.”

Dianne Doan and Manny Jacinto

Jacinto announced that he had popped the question to Doan while appearing on a panel for Vulture Festival last month and revealed that it was his character on The Good Place that inspired him to take the big step.

“I was toying when to pop the question for a long time,” he said, according to Vulture. “I looked at the Janet/Jason relationship, and there’s a sentence that Jason says to Chidi about relationships and it hit me pretty hard. I thought it was a sign that I needed to do it, and a week later I popped the question.”

To make the moment extra special, Jacinto explained how he planned out a whole day of several locations that marked important moments in their relationship.

“I took her to places that really meant a lot to us,” he said. “Where I first met her, where I first saw her, where we had our first date, and where we had our first dance class.”

Doan has appeared in Disney’s Descendants films, as well as in Cinemax’s new American crime drama Warrior.

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