February 07, 2014 10:00 AM

In his five years hosting Late Night, Jimmy Fallon has mischievously mixed up the after-dark talk-show format.

Fallon has become the master of getting celebrities off the interview couch and on the show’s stage to sing, dance and occasionally get egged.

Before Fallon brings his shenanigans to The Tonight Show on Feb. 17, let’s celebrate the Late Night bits that really delivered the laughs.

1. His Always "Grateful" Thank-You Notes

2. His #LOL-Worthy #Hashtag Moments

3. His Take on the History of Rap with BFF Justin Timberlake

4. Slow-Jamming the News with Special Guests (Hello, President Obama)

5. His Educational Evolutions of Dance

6. His Spot-On TV Parodies (Including, of Course, Breaking Bad)

7. His Messy, But Glorious, Games of Egg Roulette

8. His Unforgettable Celebrity Impressions

Jim Morrison

Neil Young

Bruce Springsteen

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