All the Funniest and Most Tearjerking Moments from Bob Saget's Netflix Tribute Special

From jokes about his "neurotic" touring habits to heartfelt tributes, Bob Saget's loved ones didn't hold back while celebrating his life in Netflix's Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute

Dirty Daddy: A Tribute to Bob Saget is a celebration of Bob’s life in comedy with his friends and family. Featuring John Stamos, Jeff Ross, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, John Mayer, Darren Criss, Kelly Rizzo-Saget, Mike Binder, Jackson Browne, Seth Green, Mike Young, Michael Keaton, Candace Cameron Bure Dave Coulier, Dave Chappelle, Tim Allen, Paul Rodriguez, Jon Lovitz, Lara and Aubrey Saget.
Dirty Daddy: A Tribute to Bob Saget. Photo: Mathieu Bitton/Netflix

Bob Saget's legacy is continuing to live on.

On Friday, Netflix released Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute, a celebration of life for Saget, which was filmed just three weeks after the beloved comedian's sudden death on Jan. 9.

The tribute event took place at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, and featured many of Saget's famous friends, including John Stamos, Jeff Ross, John Mayer, Jim Carrey, Dave Chappelle, Seth Green, Chris Rock, Darren Criss, Mike Binder, Jackson Browne, Mike Young, and Paul Rodriguez.

Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, Michael Keaton, Tim Allen, and Jon Lovitz also appeared in the tribute special through pre-recorded video segments. The late actor's family, including wife Kelly Rizzo and daughters Lara and Aubrey Saget, were also in attendance for the tribute event.

The evening was filled with laughter, tears and touching tributes as Saget's loved ones made their admiration for the Full House actor, and the way in which he impacted the world, known to all.

Here are all the funniest and most tear-jerking moments of Saget's comedy tribute special.

Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribu
From left: Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Jeff Ross at The Comedy Store for Bob Saget's comedy tribute. Mathieu Bitton/Netflix

Kelly Rizzo's Touching Tribute

At the beginning of the special, Saget's wife was called on stage to share a few words with the audience — but not without Carrey cracking a quick joke first. Right after Rizzo took the stage, Carrey jokingly told her, "Keep it short."

Rizzo then shared a few jokes of her own, including one about how her husband loved giving her tours of The Comedy Store and showing her "all the places people did coke in the 80s", before getting emotional about Saget's passing.

"The most important thing to him was belonging to this club, to this group, of being a comedian," she said. "I know he is so honored right now, he would love this."

Through her tears, Rizzo added, "I know he's looking down and is so happy. Bob deserved all the love in the world and I loved him more than anything."

Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribu
Kelly Rizzo on stage at The Comedy Store. Mathieu Bitton/Netflix

John Mayer's Friendship Reflection

At one point during the special, Mayer opened up about his friendship with Saget and why they got along so well. The musician noted that Saget was universally loved because "he accepted us," and went on to say how he felt like he had "a clean slate" with the actor.

"I got to have my own unique relationship with him and I think he had his own unique relationship with me because I wasn't a comic," he said. "Bob liked me because I was already kind of a poet… I speak in useless metaphors that only makes sense to me but Bob would do that in ways that only made sense to him and for some reason it was just like, 'Yeah, you're with me.'"

Mayer continued, "The unlikeliness of our relationship spoke to the truth of it and the realness of it... Why would I otherwise hang out with Bob Saget if I didn't love everything about him on a physical and metaphysical level?"

Mayer then shared a recent dream he had, in which he woke up crying because he saw Saget and got to tell him he loved him. Afterwards, Mayer claimed Saget told him to go back to sleep.

"That's no different than the magic of when he was around," Mayer said. "And I learned that. It is not a jump to go from here to there. There's nothing different about the way we access the people we love when they're there than when they're here. And that is the magic of Bob Saget that keeps carrying on for me."

Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribu
Jim Carrey, Jeff Ross, Chris Rock, John Mayer, and John Stamos. Mathieu Bitton/Netflix

Jim Carrey's Heartfelt Sentiments

Amid his many jokes throughout the evening, Carrey took a moment to share some heartfelt thoughts about his friend and fellow comedian.

"Bob wasn't something that was taken away from us, he was something that was given to us," he told the crowd. "And one day, when the laughs had hit a certain amount, he unzipped his human suit and he went for a ride."

Continuing, Carrey said, "He's floating around right now, probably right through this room, at this very moment, flanked by angels, and they're saying, 'You made people laugh, you made people feel loved, you made people money!'"

"You created a cathedral of f---ing love in this world, and that was your life, Bob Saget," he added. "A cathedral of love, a cathedral of laughter. Goodness, light."

Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribu
Jeff Ross and Jim Carrey. Mathieu Bitton/Netflix

Jeff Ross' Praise

Ross was on stage for almost all of the comedy tribute, but one particularly moving moment occurred when he reflected on the way Saget stayed true to himself throughout his decades-long career in Hollywood.

"He was there for people. Even though he had every chance to become some Hollywood phony, he never did it," he said. "He had every chance to be bitter, he had so much loss in his life, Bob never did it."

"He worked through positivity. He always said, 'I don't do negative.' He would block people. His tour was called 'I Don't Do Negative,'" he continued, before jokingly adding, "I have a theory that him and Norm Macdonald were murdered by Artie Lang."

Seth Green's Recollection

During the special, Green was invited on stage to share some words about Saget. The comedian recalled a particular moment he shared with Saget at The Comedy Store, shortly after their friend and fellow comedian Robin Williams had died.

"In that whole experience, it felt like everyone was all the more committed to not wasting a second and not having an opportunity where you saw somebody you loved, and you say 'I love you and you've meant something,' " he shared. "Bob f---ing Saget, guys. That motherf----- meant something."

"And we were all lucky enough to get a mainline dose of it in one way or another… that's what we get to do now, we get to spread that love," Green added. "The proof of that, the proof of life that man lived. He lived so big and affected so many people and now we get to share it."

Dirty Daddy: A Tribute to Bob Saget is a celebration of Bob’s life in comedy with his friends and family. Featuring John Stamos, Jeff Ross, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, John Mayer, Darren Criss, Kelly Rizzo-Saget, Mike Binder, Jackson Browne, Seth Green, Mike Young, Michael Keaton, Candace Cameron Bure Dave Coulier, Dave Chappelle, Tim Allen, Paul Rodriguez, Jon Lovitz, Lara and Aubrey Saget.
Dirty Daddy: A Tribute to Bob Saget. Netflix

Dave Coulier's Tearful Speech

In a pre-recorded segment that was filmed during the night they held Saget's memorial at Jeff Franklin's house, Coulier shared an emotional speech about his longtime friend and "brother".

"I'm gonna take a long time in my life to process this, but every time I feel sad, I am so lucky and we're all so lucky that we get to fill that well up with thousands of laughs and beautiful stories and love," he said. "And I don't feel like this an ending, I feel like this is the beginning of a celebration of that guy, who is my brother and I love him so much."

Through his tears, Coulier added, "I don't know what I'm gonna do now without him, and I think we all feel that way, but man, this is a lot of love. And this is really beautiful and Bob would've loved this."

Mike Young's Jokes

Saget's touring partner shared a few heartfelt words about Saget — and couldn't help but poke fun at his "neurotic" behaviors on the road.

"Every single time, he would be nervous about selling tickets, yet we'd sell out everywhere," Young said. "He'd wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning to do press — he didn't have to do press... I'm like, 'Yo, you're f---ing Bob Saget, bro. Chill out. I'll go on the stupid show and f---ing sell a ticket. You're good, we're good.' And we were good."

"He sold out every damn place we were at," Young continued. "And it's nuts that still, in his mind, he was still like this kid from Philly who wasn't good enough and had to hustle. He wasn't seeing sometimes what everybody else was seeing until he got up here, saw a full crowd and rocked the show and got off and was f---ing on fire."

"He's like, 'Did you see that s---? I f---ing killed that s---.' I'm like, 'Yeah, bro, why'd you drive me crazy for three days thinking you're not gonna sell tickets?' He was neurotic, but I was like, 'Yo, Bob that's just what you deserve. Love and respect because that's what poured out of you.' "

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Jackson Browne's Emotional Performances

The musician appeared on stage twice throughout the special — first, to perform "For A Dancer" and later, to perform "These Days." During his second song, Saget's loved ones got choked up and were captured crying on stage.

In a particularly heartbreaking moment, the cameras focused on Stamos, who was overcome with emotion. The actor kept his head down as he wiped tears from his eyes and remembered his beloved friend.

Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute is now streaming globally on Netflix.

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