"I'm gay and I just wanted everyone to know because I've made a promise to myself to live my truth every day," Rick Cosnett said

The Flash‘s Rick Cosnett has come out as gay.

The actor, who starred as Detective Eddie Thawne on the CW action series, revealed his sexuality to his followers in an Instagram video captioned, “Just me Hello.”

“Hi everyone. Hmm, dramatic pause,” he began his message on Thursday. “Um, I’m gay and I just wanted everyone to know because I’ve made a promise to myself to live my truth every day. And sometimes that is a really hard thing to do when you have all these subconscious things you don’t even know about from childhood and from society and from being, you know, just life.”

“So there you go. I’m sure most of you probably knew anyway,” he continued, with a laugh. “That’s actually what I wanted to say.”

Cosnett, 36, also pointed out the sty on his eye, which appeared to be red and puffy in the footage.

“I also have a sty on my eye, which really adds to the whole drama of the whole thing,” he concluded.

In addition to The Flash, the Zimbabwean-Australian actor has appeared in numerous projects, including Quantico (as Elias Harper) and The Vampire Diaries (as Dr. Wes Maxfield).

Although Cosnett hasn’t reprised his Flash character since 2017, according to IMDb, the series, which premiered in 2014, is continuing to produce new seasons.

Rick Cosnett
Rick Cosnett in The Flash

In early January, The CW renewed 13 returningshows for the 2020-2021 TV season, including the Greg Berlanti-created series.

“These early orders for next season give our production teams a head start in plotting out story arcs and a jump on hiring staff, and this also provides us with a strong foundation of established, fan-favorite CW shows to build on for next season,” CW boss Mark Pedowitz said in a statement.

“We’ve been thrilled with the creative direction of all three new series, and even though we are in the very early stages of our new full stack streaming strategy, which allows viewers to catch up on our new shows from the beginning, we’re already seeing incredibly positive results from our multiplatform viewership for Nancy Drew and Batwoman,” he continued.