Netflix Releases First Official Trailer for 'The Crown'

Viewers will see the now 90-year-old monarch at the beginning of her reign

Photo: Netflix

Royal fans, clear your schedules for Nov. 4.

Why? That’s the date Netflix’s new historically-inspired, royally-inclined show, The Crown drops online.

Though the next five weeks might be agonizing to wait through, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal a taste of the show in its first official trailer.

The series follows Queen Elizabeth II‘s – played by Claire Foy – last years as a princess and her first years on the throne, including her wedding and the beginning of her marriage to Prince Philip (Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith) and her relationship with Prime Minister Winston Churchill – played by John Lithgow.

In the trailer, you see Philip grapple with his wife’s position, even asking her to exempt him from having to bow to her – which she refuses.

“Are you my wife or my Queen?” Smith-as-Philip asks.

“I am both,” Foy-as-Elizabeth responds. “And a strong man would be able to kneel to both.”

There’s also sprawling English countryside, plenty of palace exteriors and oh yes, sparkling tiaras and crowns. The characters are all recognizable: Princess Margaret, King George VI, Winston Churchill, and a young-but-strong Queen Elizabeth.

As Peter Morgan, writer of The Queen is at the helm of the project, it’s to be expected that it’s going to be pretty great – The Queen was nominated for six Oscars, after all. Morgan also wrote the play The Audience, which also starred Helen Mirren in both London and New York, and took an inside look at the Queen’s meetings with various prime ministers throughout her reign. The play served as Morgan’s inspiration for The Crown. Stephen Daldry, director of The Hours and Billy Elliot, is directing the show and Andy Harries is producing.

Luckily, we have plenty of Prince William and Princess Kate’s Canadian tour (with their kids!) to provide us with photos and keep us distracted until the 10 episodes drop.

The Crown will launch Nov. 4, exclusively on Netflix.

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