'The Colbert Report' Signs Off with an Epic Sing-Along and Sleigh Ride (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert says goodbye to Comedy Central after almost a decade of biting political satire


He went out like he came in – in absurdly epic fashion.

Stephen Colbert, who perfected biting political satire as the faux-bloviating host of The Colbert Report, wrapped up the Comedy Central show Thursday night after almost a decade on the air. And he had plenty of friends around to send him off right.

As seen in the video above, dozens of stars turned out to wish him well – he takes over for the retiring David Letterman on CBS’s The Late Show in May – by joining him in a rousing rendition of “We’ll Meet Again.”

Colbert, 50, was then literally swept away by Santa Claus, along with fellow sleigh passengers Abraham Lincoln and Alex Trebek.

The Colbert Report, which Adweek on Thursday called “one of the strangest and most wonderful television series ever to exist,” premiered on Oct. 17, 2005. Hyper-intelligent, meta and postmodern, it skewered cable news by pretending to embody it – which made for hilarious political commentary and fantastically offbeat celebrity interviews.

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