February 10, 2009 12:00 AM

Jay wasn’t exactly thrilled when Whitney told him she was inviting Olivia to his band Tamarama’s gig at the Cutting Room, and joked, “I’ll cordon off a little area for her so she doesn’t feel she has to mingle with the commoners.”

On the night of the gig, Whitney and Erin — dealing with more relationship confusion with her ex JR back in her life – arrived at Olivia’s white and fluffy apartment, but it was clear that she was in no rush to get to Jay’s show. Offering them “champy,” a self-involved Olivia was more focused on choosing her perfect outfit for the evening.

But while Olivia had her fashion crisis, Jay and his bandmates decided that could no longer wait for Whitney and the girls to start, and they went on with the show.

When they finally arrived, Olivia was incredibly out of place — seeming like she’d never been in such close proximity to before — and Erin stressed out over JR being there, telling Whitney’s pal Samantha that “on a scale of 1 to 10 this is like a 9.5 awkward for me.” And afterward, Jay was upset that Whitney had arrived so late, but was quickly consoled when Erin told him she’d make it up to him with a round of tequila shots. The next morning at DVF, Olivia told Whitney she had hooked Jay’s band up with a gig at her friend’s charity event after original group fell through. Whitney was touched that Olivia went to such lengths to apologize to Jay for being late to his gig.

But at the charity event at the swanky Hotel Gansevoort, Jay and his fellow hipster bandmates were clearly out of place in the crowd of “socials.” And snarky Nevan was only too happy to point that out to Olivia and her friend. “We’re not in the Yukon,” he sniped about flannel-wearing Jay. “Are they going to clear a forest afterwards?” While overhearing his catty comments, Whitney looked mortified (watch a clip). And after his set, a disgusted Jay walked out of the gig without saying goodbye. As Olivia ranted about his poor etiquette, Nevan replied, “What do you expect from the plaid mafia?”

The next morning at DVF, Olivia asked Whitney how she thought the event was and when Whitney — showing some serious backbone — actually told her it was “kind of like a stab in the back” to have Nevan mocking them while they were performing, Olivia refused to accept any blame — and said underdressed Jay should’ve checked out the dress code beforehand and was rude for not thanking her for getting him hired.

And with that, she shut down LINK ” http://tvwatch.people.com/2009/02/06/video-whitney-olivias-office-spat/” “their spat”, leaving Whitney frustrated and silenced. — Serena Kappes

Tell us: Did Olivia have any right to be upset with Jay? Why did she bother asking Whitney her opinion of how the charity event went?

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