February 17, 2009 12:00 AM

Whitney finally put smug Olivia in her place during DVF’s holiday office party. When Whitney told her she was going to Jay‘s friend’s loft party, Olivia warned her not to “get overly drunk and fall on your face.” A sarcastic Whitney responded, “Good tip from you, Olivia. I learn something new from you every day,” as their coworkers erupted in laughter and Olivia’s face fell.

Meanwhile, over lunch in Soho, Adam told Allie that Jay has been asking when she’s going to find a place of her own. “I just feel like all signs point in this direction of space,” Allie said while Adam protested, insisting dramatically, “I love waking up next to you. There’s nothing more I could ask for.”

Later at Jay and Adam’s friend’s Christmas party, things got awkward when Erin‘s ex JR showed up and he and Duncan finally met. Duncan forcibly pulled Erin away and told her he didn’t like that they hung out when he was home in Canada. Erin insisted that “I’m with you — I’m not with him,” but also admitted that “the 18 year old in me still loves him.”

The next day, Adam and Jay had a blowout when Adam sheepishly told him that he wanted Allie to move in permanently, leaving Jay to find a place of his own. “You’re kidding yourself, man,” Jay barked. “I live with you guys every day and the bickering becomes more and more each day.” After Adam told Jay part of the issue was there was a third wheel in their living situation, meaning Jay, an angry Jay stormed out. And at Erin’s apartment, she admitted to Duncan that she’s confused about the JR situation (watch a clip). “I’m not gonna be part of some love triangle,” Duncan insisted. “I need to know that I can trust you when I’m not here.” And though Erin insisted he could trust her, an unconvinced Duncan told her she needed to figure out what she wanted from their relationship before leaving to catch his flight.

After all the drama, the group got together to ring in New Year’s Eve at a friend’s midtown bash. But the drama continued at the party, where Adam and Jay ignored each other, a now-single Erin cried about Duncan breaking up with her and Jay told Whitney that Adam wanted him to move out — and asked if he could move in temporarily to her place. Whitney — who didn’t look totally thrilled at the prospect — told him she’d be there to support him if he needed her before they shared a New Year’s kiss with fireworks blasting in the sky behind them.

The following morning at Whitney’s apartment, a sleepy Jay seemed like he was half-joking when he asked Whitney if she was going to take care of him and cook him dinner during his stay at her place. “It’s gonna be a good thing,” Jay insisted, but the look on Whitney’s face seemed to say that she wondered whether she’d regret letting him stay there after all. — Serena Kappes

Tell us: Was Adam wrong to tell Jay he had to move out? Did Jay have the right to be so angry? Was Erin unrealistic to think that Duncan would stay with her?

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