The City Recap: 'The Truth Hurts'

Now that she patched things up with her is-he-or-isn’t-he-cheating boyfriend Adam, Allie was ready for a fun girls’ night out with Whitney and Erin.

But before heading out to Whitney’s former boss and mentor Kelly Cutrone‘s birthday party at Southside nightclub, Whitney warned her and Erin about Kelly’s brutal honesty. “Oh, good,” Allie said. “I like like that — you either love her or hate her.”

Ready to test the waters with Kelly’s candor, Allie asked Kelly if she liked her outfit. “I like you, but I don’t like your leggings,” Kelly responded. But taking another look at Allie’s ultra-thin model frame, Kelly asked, “Are you okay? You seem so skinny.” Assuring her, “No way, it’s not like that,” Allie thought that awkward encounter was over. But Kelly wasn’t convinced. “Are you sure? That’s a question you should ask yourself,” she insisted, as a mortified Whitney covered her mouth.

At the club, Erin ran into her ex-boyfriend JR, and the sparks were still clearly there as they shared tequila shots. But as Erin rekindled an old romance, Kelly finished part 2 of her inquisition (watch a clip). “You seem so skinny,” she continued. “I wanna just tell you, if you need any help… ” but before she could finish her sentence, Allie stormed out of the club, with Whitney running after her. And things clearly got cozy with Erin and JR, who was shown shirtless at her apartment the next morning. Later, Erin admitted to Whitney that JR was her first love and that Duncan — who she’s taking a break from — was “the first guy since JR that has ever measured up.”

When Allie arrived at Whitney’s place, the girls discussed the awkward Kelly encounter from the night before. “I’m not offended, because I think Kelly’s a b—-,” Allie insisted. “I’m a model. I’m supposed to be skinny.”

And proving how small New York City can be, Allie encountered Kelly yet again at a dinner party at Monaco for her modeling agency One Management. When Kelly sat down and spotted Allie across the table sitting with Adam, she apologized for upsetting her. But Allie wasn’t in a forgiving mood, and seethed at the bar about it. “Does that make you proud?” she ranted to Adam about Kelly. “Ooh, you upset the little model.”

At work, Whitney made yet another attempt to bond with Olivia over the Allie-Kelly situation to little avail. When she mentioned she was planning on talking to Kelly about it, she told her not to “dwell on it.”

Whitney decided not to take Olivia’s advice and LINK “” “confronted Kelly about it” during a visit to her company People’s Revolution.

But Kelly didn’t back down. “I couldn’t not say something to her,” she said about Allie’s “alarming” appearance. “The truth doesn’t always come like a shiny bluebird on someone’s shoulder. The truth hurts.” –Serena Kappes

Tell us: Do you think Kelly was trying to be helpful to Allie or was she just overstepping her bounds? Could Kelly have handled the situation better?

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