The City Recap: The Past Meets the Present

Fleeing the New York City cold, Whitney, Jay, Erin, Adam and their posse headed to Miami for some fun in the sun.

While images of ladies in bikinis flashed on the screen — including a gratuitous butt-cheek shot of an unknown bathing beauty — it was a girls vs. guys moment as Whitney and her crew chatted by the pool at the Fontainebleau Resort about her living situation with Jay while Jay and Adam had a testosterone fest nearby about all the tempting ladies they’d have to resist in Miami.

Later that night at South Beach club Liv, Jay’s ex-girlfriend Danielle showed up and he told her that when they went home together during her last visit to New York, it put him in “a really awkward position.” Trying to smooth things over, Danielle approached Whitney to apologize about “all the drama that was caused” and to assure her that all they did during her N.Y.C. trip was talk. Afterward, Jay reinforced to Whitney that nothing had happened between him and Danielle. But to Whitney, it seemed to be a moment of he doth protest too much (watch a clip). “If you really didn’t do anything wrong, no matter what anyone was saying, then you wouldn’t care in the first place,” she insisted.

And Erin — who’d promised Allie she’d keep an eye on Adam during their trip — called Allie back home at her sexy photo shoot for Nylon magazine to inform her that Adam was surrounded by girls at the club. And though Allie had turned down the offer to have a drink with her fellow male model, this bit of information prompted her to change her mind.

Back from Miami, Jay apologized to Whitney again for the “whole Danielle thing,” But Whitney told him that she had begun to question his truthfulness. “Sometimes when over-justify, it means they’re trying to cover something up,” she said. Insisting he’d done nothing wrong, Jay responded: “It comes down to whether you trust me or not.” Whitney, who said she was feeling “really sick” about their conversation, insisted that she “didn’t want to be played for a fool.”

Over dinner at SoHo eatery 10 Downing, Allie confronted Adam about Erin’s information that he’d been a lady magnet in Miami — and told him that she’d been asked out for a drink by a model at her shoot (without actually admitting that she’d gone). The tears started flowing as Allie told him she’d started looking for a place of her own. “I feel like I’m losing you. Why can’t everything be the same as it was?” Adam lamented, before leaving the restaurant.

And Whitney used a shopping trip with Jay’s bandmate’s girlfriend Jess as an opportunity to grill her about Jay. But the news wasn’t good. “He’s not trustworthy at times,” a hesitant Jess admitted. “You just don’t know know if he’s ever telling the truth. There’s always something with Jay.” –Serena Kappes

Tell us: Do you think Jay is lying about his innocent encounter with Danielle? Should Whitney trust him?

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