If there was ever any doubt about Olivia‘s true intentions, she made her character clear on Monday’s episode of The City.

When Alixe, their boss at DVF, asked Whitney to help Olivia pick out several looks for Jessica Alba‘s cover of Elle magazine, Olivia was determined to prove who was in charge. As they pulled potential ensembles, Whitney selected something floral, which Olivia chided as “too matchy matchy.” She reluctantly agreed to present it as one of their outfits, but with an overwhelmingly condescending air.

Later, when Alixe and Emese, the head of publicity for DVF, showed the girls the winning Elle cover look and it was Whitney’s pick, Olivia lied and chirped, “I pulled the jacket and she pulled the shirt.” Alixe complimented Olivia for spearheading the project and Olivia gushed about how styling is her passion — while a shocked Whitney looked on in disgust.

Meanwhile, during dinner with Jay at Double Crown in Greenwich Village, Whitney asked him about his search to find a place of his own. “It’s not like we’re ready to be moving in together,” she told him. “And I would never want it to turn into something where it was forced upon us rather than this was our decision to do this.”

The next evening, during her girls’ night with Erin, Allie and Samantha, Whitney admitted that things were rocky with Jay, who’d been coming home at 5:30 a.m. “The whole intimate part of the relationship — where has the passion gone, where is the excitement?” she said. “It’s just not all there for me.” Allie — still reeling from her decision to move out on her own from Adam — advised, “Jay is a rock star and he lives a rock star life. I don’t think he’s gonna change.”

Cue Jay partying with Adam at the Pink Elephant club, where he joked that the good thing about living with Whitney is not having to take her out so much. Across the dancefloor, Jay spotted his ex Danielle and after some brief small talk asked her if she wanted to leave together.

The next day at the DVF lunch to celebrate Alba’s cover, Olivia continued to hijack credit for the selected outfit. “I pulled that look,” she bragged to the magazine’s creative director, Joe Zee. Amazed at Olivia’s audacity, Whitney just covered her face as she walked away in utter frustration (watch a clip).

Whitney tried to vent about Olivia to Jay during dinner in Chinatown, but it was obvious that he just wasn’t paying attention. Fidgety and clearly exhausted, Jay said he’d been up the night before until 6 a.m. When Whitney asked what he was doing, he responded, “Binge drinking … I gotta stop doing that.”

But the next day, Whitney found out the real reason for Jay being so tired. Allie told her that Adam had slipped up and revealed that Danielle was in town. “I knew he was out late but I didn’t know to the extent of what he was doing and who he was with,” a teary Whitney said. “I’m so over all this.” — Serena Kappes

Tell us: Why didn’t Whitney reveal that Olivia was falsely taking credit for the Elle cover look? Is Jay is trying to sabotage his relationship with Whitney by hanging out with Danielle?