January 20, 2009 12:00 AM

With Jay and Whitney’s happy ending in last week’s episode, more relationship drama was bound to be around the corner. But this time Adam and his model girlfriend Allie entered their own drama zone.

The foreshadowing was clearly on the wall when, while waiting for Adam and Allie to arrive to their dinner date, Jay told Whitney how they’d first met and fell for each other quickly. “They lived happily, happily ever after,” Jay said with a smile.

But over dinner, Allie — who was going to be traveling out of town on a modeling assignment — told Whitney, “You better keep an eye on Adam for me when I’m gone.”

It didn’t take long for trouble to start brewing on Jay and Adam’s boys’ night out at Chelsea club Cain when they spied Whitney’s friend Samantha and her friend Catarina across the dancefloor. Jay joked to Adam, “You got your booty call!” The girls approached Jay and Adam and when the guys said they were heading out, Catarina announced, “Let’s have fun!” A subtitle should have flashed, “Uh-oh.”

At brunch the next day with Whitney and Erin, Samantha got a text message from a friend that Catarina had made out with Adam at his apartment. The domino effect quickly took hold. Whitney met with a hungover Jay and told him what she’d learned. Then Jay gave Adam — who denied he’d kissed Cat — a heads up that Whitney might say something to Allie. “Shady, shady little chickies running around,” Adam said, denying he’d done anything wrong.

Picking Allie up at the airport from her modeling trip, Adam (possibly the only struggling bartender in New York City who owns a car) began to sloooowwwwly tell Allie the story about how several girls came over after his club night and all he did was talk to one of them (watch a clip ).

“I guess one of the girls who was there said to one of Whitney’s friends that their friend kissed me — which is completely not true,” he said with a really bad poker face. “You know you can trust me, baby.”

But the next day, Allie met up with Whitney, Erin and Samantha at Cafeteria restaurant — and Sam revealed that Catarina had left Adam’s apartment at 8 a.m. Shock quickly overtook Allie, who called Adam and told him to meet her.

As moody rain fell around them, a crying Allie confronted Adam again about his drunken parties with “a bunch of girls you don’t know” every time she goes out of town. “To see you cry kills me,” Adam said, not admitting he’d cheated on her but promising “never to do that to you again.”

And with a sneak peek at upcoming episodes, it’s obvious it’s a promise he won’t be able to keep. — Serena Kappes

Tell us: Do you think Allie actually believed Adam or was she fooling herself? Was Whitney a good friend for saying something to Allie?

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