Plus, Sammie Cimarelli reveals plans for a big Circle reunion

By Dave Quinn
January 23, 2020 11:11 AM

Seaburn Williams may have fooled some of his competitors on Netflix’s The Circle by pretending to be “Rebecca” in the reality competition series, but Sammie Cimarelli wasn’t one of them.

During an appearance on PEOPLE TV’s Reality Check on Wednesday, the 25-year-old Miami behavior technician revealed that she was “totally prepared” for Rebecca not to be real when the two came face-to-face during the show’s finale.

“I wasn’t expecting that it was going to be a guy, that didn’t cross my mind. But I wasn’t expecting Rebecca to be Rebecca,” Cimarelli said.

“Of course, I still had little inklings about everyone. I didn’t really know if anyone was real at that point, and [Shubham Goel] was one of the first people that I thought was going to be a catfish,” Cimarelli added. “But when I saw that Rebecca was Seabaum, I was like, ‘Oh, Jesus. We kinda knew.’ ”

Sammie Cimarelli

Williams made it to the final five on The Circle, posing as a shy, single woman named “Rebecca” with the aid of photos of his real-life girlfriend. Ultimately, he placed fifth in the series, with many of his competitors — including Cimarelli — mistrusting Rebecca’s sweet persona.

Cimarelli was also in the final five, placing third.

Though she didn’t get the $100,000 prize, she was awarded $10,000 in an audience-voted contest, being named “fan favorite.”

She said on Reality Check that she plans on using the money to pay off her student loans.

“I’m paying for school, as much as possible,” Cimarelli said. “I’m not going to put all of it towards school but I’m going to pay as much as I can to pay down my student loans because I have, like, a mass amount of student loans I have to pay.”

As for Williams, he recently joked about his time as Rebecca, posting a hilarious version of the “LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram/Tinder” meme Dolly Parton recently started.

His time catfishing his fellow contestants, which he said on the show he did to prove that men can be as emotional as women, hasn’t prevented him from forming strong bonds with his castmates.

Cimarelli revealed on Reality Check that the whole cast is still in touch, with a reunion being planned in Miami for the first week of February.

Players Miranda Bissonnette, Karyn Blanco, Antonio DePína, Alana Duval, Tammy Eason, Alex Lake, Sean Taylor, and winner Joey Sasso are all planning on attending, as is Cimarelli.

Williams, Goel, and Chris Sapphire can’t make it, Cimarelli said, while she’s still trying to get Bill Cranley and Ed Eason to come.

Overall, Cimarelli called the show “an amazing experience.”

The Circle is now streaming on Netflix.