Joey Sasso won the Netflix reality show, which premiered in January

Full Circle!

On Monday, Joey Sasso — the winner of Netflix’s reality show The Circle — shared an Instagram photo with his fellow cast members Shubham Goel and Sammie Cimarelli.

“Reunited ??????,” Sasso captioned the post, adding the hashtag “#squadgoals.”

The Circle followed a rotating cast of strangers who lived in the same apartment building in the U.K. but were only allowed to interact with each other using a social media platform called “The Circle.” Sasso, 26, was crowned the champion of the show, walking away with $100,000.

“I love these people, but it’s a game, which was so hard and difficult to do,” Sasso previously told PEOPLE about his victory. “I’ve always been able to read people really well. I think that helped me tremendously.”

“My thing has always been, just don’t judge me even though we’re supposed to be judging each other,” he said, adding, “My whole thing was at any point in the show, if I got blocked or go home, I just wanted to make sure I had no regrets and stayed true to myself.”

Sasso also said at the time that the cast of the show had formed genuine friendships. Multiple Circle players previously told PEOPLE that they were planning a reunion in Miami, where Cimarelli lives.

“We definitely all stay in touch and touch base and it’s kind of a beautiful thing,” Sasso said.

Joey Sasso
The Circle
| Credit: Netflix

Meanwhile, Goel — aka “Shooby,” and Sasso’s best Circle friend — left the show as the breakout star.

“I have no idea how I come across. Everything I did there, I’m at peace with what I did,” Goel previously told PEOPLE. “I tried to prove my point that being yourself was always more than enough on social media.”

He added of the friends he made on the series: “It’ll be cool just hanging out with everyone in the outside world.”

The Circle is streaming on Netflix now.