'The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2' : Laurel Stucky and Cara Maria Sorbello's Feud Is Heating Up

Laurel Stucky argues with Kam Williams in an exclusive clip, and MTV teases the battle between Stucky and Cara Maria Sorbello will come to a head

It seems the early elimination of Wes Bergmann may have been just the beginning of the unraveling of Team U.S.A. on MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2.

In week 3, USA’s tribunal — made up of Josh Martinez, Laurel Stucky and Zach Nichols — took advantage of the season’s twist and threw in their own teammate, Bergmann, to compete against U.K.’s Stephen Bear. And, much to many people’s surprise, Bergmann lost.

But his presence appears to remain felt as the game continues, in large part due to the wheeling and dealing alliances he formed. “Team U.S.A. is officially split,” “Ninja” Natalie Duran declares in a promo. And in the above exclusive clip from this week’s episode, Stucky stirs the pot when she accuses Kam Williams of being in cahoots with Bergmann.

“You think I made a pre-made deal?” Williams irritatedly asks her while surrounded by Kyle Christie, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, and others. “I didn’t. I’m just letting you know that I didn’t. You might be able to strong-arm them but it don’t work with me. I’m not scared of you.”

The Challenge

Stucky responds, “I don’t think that you’re scared of me. I’m not using intimidation, I’m using FACTS!”

“Well, your facts are wrong,” Williams says.

“You didn’t have conversations with Cara Maria [Sorbello] coming into this about working together?” Bananas asks.

“No. And even if I did, so what?” Williams responds.

Later, Bananas determines, “Look, it was blatantly obvious Wes had a clear divide down the team and the people who were riding with Team Wes, thinking he was going to lead them to the Promised Land, now that he’s gone they’re all scrambling. And now they’re all claiming, ‘We didn’t have deals. We weren’t working with anybody. We just want to be a team now.'”

He adds, “You’ve got your horses. See who can ride ’em to the end.”

Laurel and Cara Maria

Based on the official episode description, this won’t be the only argument Stucky will have this week. The long-simmering tension between her and former friend Sorbello may be about to hit a boil.

“Laurel and Cara Maria’s long-standing feud takes center stage for a dysfunctional Team USA,” the network teases.

“The thing with Laurel is, it’s not worth engaging with her,” Sorbello told PEOPLE on set in Thailand. “Our friendship took a turn for the worst before The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions even happened. It was me asserting myself a little bit. In her good moments, she’s been the kindest, most beautiful soul imaginable. She has been by my side literally the worst of the worst times — there’s so much heart and love in her.

“In other times, it’s like as soon as I don’t need her, if I’m confident in what I’m doing, that’s when she tries to push me back down. Our relationship came down to she was there for me when I needed her, but she didn’t want to be there for me as an equal. I feel like her thing is she wants to make me smaller,” Sorbello concluded.

“Cara and I don’t talk in terms more than just being cordial,” Stucky told PEOPLE. “I’m not going to be mean to her, but I just don’t have anything to talk to her about. We don’t have the same values, and I think her priorities are off. I have a huge focus right now on only bringing things into my life that make me feel good, that keep me healthy, and she’s not one of those people.”

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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