'The Challenge: USA' Host TJ Lavin Makes His Grand Entrance and Gives Cast $1,000 Each in Sneak Peek

Plus: Love Island's Cashay Proudfoot serves "the tea" on her relationship with Cinco Holland Jr.

Welcome to The Challenge: USA.

In an exclusive sneak peek at CBS's The Challenge — yes, the hit MTV reality competition show that recently wrapped its 37th season is coming to CBS primetime — longtime host TJ Lavin makes his grand entrance and welcomes the cast made up of 28 players from Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race and Love Island.

"Looking around, I see a lot of people who really know how to play games," says Lavin, 45. "Maybe you were isolated on an island, or you raced across the world, or you had big brother watching you 24-7. Or you fell in love — only to get your heart broken at the end. I mean, what? C'mon."

Among those new players are a few winners: Survivor's Tyson Apostol, Ben Driebergen and Sarah Lacina; Big Brother's Xavier Prather;The Amazing Race's James Wallington, and Love Island's Justine Ndiba.

TJ Lavin, The Challenge: USA

Lavin continues, "In any case, this is The Challenge. We're built different here. You will be faced with challenges and eliminations that are harder than anything that you've ever done before. You may get to the end. There's $500,000 up for grabs."

As most of the cast cheers — and a few of them look confused — the 30-time host goes on to explain a little bit more about how the game will work.

THE CHALLENGE: USA announced the 28 fan favorites from SURVIVOR, BIG BROTHER, THE AMAZING RACE and LOVE ISLAND who will compete in the most unpredictable and demanding game of their lives this summer, on THE CHALLENGE: USA, premiering Wednesday, July 6
Laura Barisonzi/Paramount

"To start things off, I'm going to give everyone a little seed money in your personal Challenge account. Everyone's going to have $1,000. Unfortunately for you, that is not enough money to make it to my final, which is the ultimate goal. To qualify, you have to have $5,000. There are two ways to earn that money: You can either win a challenge or win an elimination."

He wraps up his welcome speech by reminding the cast that they're "not just playing for the coveted cash prize. You're also playing to earn your spot in the first-ever international global Challenge tournament, streaming exclusively on Paramount+."

Cashay Proudfoot and Melvin "Cinco" Holland Jr.
Sara Mally/CBS via Getty Images

But before Lavin started dishing on all the money about the change hands for completing insane stunts and grueling races in the exclusive clip, Love Island season 3 favorite Cashay Proudfoot shared a little update on her relationship with Melvin "Cinco" Holland Jr., with whom she had a rollercoaster experience with on the show and began dating when the season wrapped.

"I'm constantly asked about Cinco," she says in an interview. "We were paired up on Love Island. We dated. We broke up. It didn't work out. But at the end of the day, we both want to win and just, you know, it's uncomfortable! That's the tea."

Expect much more tea — and possibly a little blood — to be spilled when The Challenge: USA premieres July 6 at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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