We break down the 12 craziest moments in the new trailer for season 35 of MTV's long-running reality competition series

“This is the biggest twist we have ever had on The Challenge,” host TJ Lavin says at the start of the new three-minute supertrailer MTV released for The Challenge: Total Madness on Wednesday.

That twist — that every player must win an elimination round in order to make it into the final and compete for the $1 million prize — was revealed earlier this month along with the list of cast members competing in the 35th season of the reality competition series. And it’s certainly exciting. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg of revelations and OMG moments in the extended clip.

Here are 12 moments we can’t wait to see in full.

The Challenge
Credit: MTV

1. What the heck is that car doing?
Just six seconds into the clip, we see two wheels of a car go up a ramp and the car continue driving at a high speed. Further, we see a player — is that Bananas? It’s bananas either way! — pop his head out like a gopher. It’s like a scene out of a Fast and Furious movie or something.

2. Simple semi-trucks are so season 33.
War of the Worlds had the Road Warrior challenge where players had to swing back and forth between semi-trucks. This one clearly has a big truck challenge too — but this one appears to have two containers in the back stacked on top of one another, making it a heights test in addition to whatever crazy speed and movements are happening. There will be plenty of other unusual forms of transportation this season, including tanks, helicopters and planes.

3. CT Tamburello is cackling.
He’s surely up to no good. Which is oh so good.

4. There’s no business like snow business.
A few times, we get to see players trekking up a mountain in the snow, and it’s a little reminiscent of the unforgettable Battle of the Exes final in Iceland in 2012, which Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Camila Nakagawa won.

The Challenge
Credit: MTV

5. A major matchup is coming.
“My entire Challenge career, I’ve been waiting for the stars to align for you guys to face off, and now it is here,” TJ, who’s hosting his 25th season this go-round, says in a voiceover. Who could that be? Our bet: It’s either Bananas vs. his longtime rival Wes Bergmann or, perhaps more likely, a Banana Backpack rematch between the 20-time competitor and CT. After all, the footage shows both Bananas and big metal 55-gallon drums (which were part of that iconic CT and Johnny moment). Regardless, if TJ’s excited, so are we. Apparently, so is Cory Wharton. Can we take a moment to appreciate the sounds he makes after TJ’s announcement?

6. The living quarters are less than ideal.
“We’re living in a f—ing bunker with no windows and no doors,” Bananas declares. That setting appears to have quite an effect on the competitors. “I’m going crazy on day one,” Wes says. “I’m going to lose my mind in here,” Kailah Casillas says later, throwing something in the kitchen (possibly while her nemesis from Final Reckoning, Melissa Reeves, looks on laughing).

7. There’s no love lost between Rogan and Dee.
That lack of windows and doors means season 34 winners and exes Rogan O’Connor and Dee Nguyen get to fight in front of all of their castmates. It doesn’t stop them. “Don’t come in here crying in front of all my friends and make me look like I’m a bad guy,” Rogan says. “They’re not your f—ing friends, Rogan!” Dee responds. “This game is turning me into a psychopath,” she says later.

The Challenge 35
Credit: Riccardo Giardina/MTV

8. Beauty and the Beast are fighting.
Last season, Zach Nichols competed. This season, it was his longtime love, Jenna Compono‘s turn. Years ago, they broke up when they were in this scenario and Jenna called him, only to have him think she was some other girl. Both have grown up since and they’ve been back together for several years now. But it looks like a fight may be brewing during one of their video chats. “You’re the person I want to be with, absolutely,” Jenna says. With his arms crossed, Zach responds angrily, “I don’t believe it because everything you’ve ever told me has been a lie.” Whatever the issue, it may lead Jenna to quit the season (and we know how TJ feels about quitters). At least we know Zach and Jenna have since patched things up. They got engaged in December 2019 and are scheduled to get married in February 2021.

9. Kailah and Bear will get a bunch of screentime.
Kailah came into the season still dating her longtime beau DJ Mikey P … but it didn’t last when she landed in the Challenge house. Footage shows her and Stephen Bear kissing and then arguing. “You’re a f— boy,” she says, with mascara tears streaming down her face. “And I ruined a relationship for somebody who doesn’t give a f— about me.

Nany Gonzalez The Challenge 35
Credit: Riccardo Giardina/MTV

10. Is it Nany’s time?
“I’ve been here this long, I’ve been through so much,” says Nany Gonzalez, who’s competing for the ninth time but has never won. “It’s gotta be worth something.” She’s also spotted kissing someone later in the trailer (could it be Asaf Goren?), but we’re pretty sure that’s not the kind of “something” she means, and we certainly hope it’s not whoever made her cry in another shot.

11. It’s getting bloody.
Literally. Can someone call the medic on that toe that’s dripping blood all over the bunker? Speaking of injuries, any guesses who might be wrapped in gold foil and put in the back of an ambulance?

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11. There will be even more feuds.
Someone with long black hair (is it Kailah?) appears to be fighting with O.G. player Aneesa Ferreira, and Kyle Christie and security have to split them up. Then Kyle definitely shoves somebody. Josh Martinez and another man also look like they nearly come to blows in a bar. Ashley Mitchell thinks some guy is putting a target on her back. Nelson Thomas thinks someone is really sad and has “no respect for yourself.” And a small orange table is no match for Cory.

12. Is everyone a sewer rat now?
Gross. Don’t drink the water … but do tune in on April 1, when The Challenge: Total Madness premieres at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.