'The Challenge' 's Tony Raines Recalls 'Traumatic' Moment Home Collapsed During Hurricane Ida

Tony Raines' home was destroyed and his fiancée Alyssa Giacone badly injured during Hurricane Ida

the Challenge’s Tony Raines Recalls ‘Traumatic’ Moment Home Collapsed During Hurricane Ida
Photo: tony gaines/ instagram ; alyssa giancone/ instagram

The Challenge star Tony Raines is opening up about the devastating effect Hurricane Ida had on his family.

On Thursday, the Real World alum, 33, revealed that his home in Louisiana had been destroyed as a result of the category 4 storm that made landfall on Aug. 29, and that his fiancée Alyssa Giacone was badly injured. Raines posted a slideshow of heartbreaking photos on Instagram, asserting in the caption that despite the devastation to his home, he's relieved his loved ones are still together.

"Hurricane Ida might've destroyed my home but I still have my family," Raines began, later explaining that his home collapsed after being struck by a tree while he, Giacone and their daughter Isla Rose were all inside.

"The night of the storm a tree came crashing down through our living room. Alyssa and my 4-year-old daughter Isla were sitting on the couch next to each other and I was standing in the middle of the room. When the roof collapsed, I fell to the floor and immediately thought the worst," Raines explained.

Raines shared that's when "adrenaline" kicked in, and he "headed to the couch where my family was."

"I could hear my daughter crying and [I] cleared her from the debris. I brought her to the middle hallway bathroom and went back for Alyssa," Raines continued.

However, when he returned to his fiancée, he said she was "not responsive" as Giacone had suffered a head injury.

tony raines
Tony Raines

He continued, "After a few moments of moving the debris off of her to pull her out she regained consciousness. She had received a blow to the head when the ceiling came crashing in that knocked her out. Her hand was also severely wounded. We were able to make it to the hall bathroom with my daughter, who was thankfully unscathed, and attempted to call 911 for help with Alyssa's injuries but it was too late. The storm made it impossible for emergency services to get to us."

tony raines
Tony Raines

Raines told his followers that after waiting for five hours, they tried to drive to the hospital on their own, but streets were blocked by fallen trees and power lines. After four additional hours — and the help of friendly strangers — the family was able to make their way to the hospital where Giacone received stitches to her forehead and had surgery on her hand.

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Raines concluded the post by thanking those who have supported his family during this trying time and sharing how grateful he is for his loved ones.

"I struggled with sharing this but I wanted everyone to know that miracles do happen. If that tree or part of the roof falls a foot in any other direction this could be a different story. I'm thankful I get to hug my family and as traumatic as this experience was, we are all blessed to still be here!" Raines added. "My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone else who was affected and are still dealing with the aftermath of this hurricane 🙏"

tony raines
Tony Raines

Many of Raines' fellow The Challenge stars sent their support for the family in the comments. Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio wrote, "Your belongings can be replaced, family can't! Glad you're all safe 🙏."

Paulie Calafiore also said, "Praying for you and your family brother ❤️," and Tori Deal added, "Sending prayers❤️."

Giacone also spoke about the incident on her own Instagram Story Thursday, writing: "So grateful and lucky to be alive. I know that it could be so much worse, but I sustained some serious injuries (I'm so glad it was me and that our baby girl walked away without a scratch)."

the Challenge’s Tony Raines Recalls ‘Traumatic’ Moment Home Collapsed During Hurricane Ida
alyssa giancone/ instagram

Along with the post, Giacone shared graphic injuries of her harrowing head and hand injury.

She continued: "[I] have already undergone two surgeries to try and salvage the nerves and function of my hand so unfortunately I will be out of work for a minimum of 12 weeks."

For more on how to help victims of Hurricane Ida, click here.

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