The Challenge Star Leroy Garrett Says Upcoming Season — His 12th! — Will Be His Last

Season 36 of The Challenge premieres Wednesday on MTV

Leroy Garrett The Challenge: Double Agents
Photo: MTV

With 12 seasons under his belt, Leroy Garrett is retiring from The Challenge.

The longtime cast member tweeted on Monday that the upcoming 36th season of the MTV show, premiering Wednesday, will be his last.

"Yesssssir... you heard it straight from me. This is my last season competing on the Challenge," Garrett, 35, wrote on Twitter, replying to a fan who noted his retirement reference in a teaser video MTV posted on Instagram Saturday.

He made the comment at the end of the video, which was primarily about Garrett's relationship with girlfriend and fellow Challenge star Kam Williams.

"Coming into this game, I need to make very smart power moves that may upset some other people," he said in the teaser. "Seasons before, I always thought about other people's feelings — this season I really don't care, because this is my last and final season and I really want to get this win."

Fans sent their well wishes to the reality star on social media after he confirmed the news.

"You have always given it your all no matter what. So, never think you have let your fans down," one Twitter user wrote. "Proud of you for always being true to yourself and real competitor."

"You're not letting us down @Bruce_Lee85 we love you!" another added, to which Garrett replied, "I love u too."

In other news, Garrett and Williams recently announced that they are moving to Houston, Texas from Las Vegas. The couple shared the news of their move on Instagram last month with photos of themselves in matching Houston Rockets jerseys.

"It's official, we're moving to Houston!" Williams wrote in her caption, adding that she and Garrett signed a lease for a new place in the city.

"I'm so excited to start this journey with you, especially since it's something new for the both of us," she added. "I didn't know my life would've changed like this when I met you 4 years ago & I'm happy that it did. [Cheers] to us and our new life."

In his own post, Garrett wrote, "It's so crazy, I've never pictured myself moving out of the city Las Vegas, where I've lived for the last 9yrs. But I guess when you find love, anything is possible.

"You've been one of my greatest blessing in my life," he said of Williams. "That's why I’m beyond ready to start a new life with you. [Cheers] to our journey #BlackLove."

The Challenge: Double Agents Declassified premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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