By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 06:46 PM
Credit: NBC

All Sherry Johnston wanted to do was to go kayaking on the lake near her Knoxville, Tenn., home and resume an active life. After being eliminated from the Biggest Loser, Johnston did just that, finding solace on the water as the 51-year-old non-profit administrator celebrated going from 218 lbs. to 135 lbs.! Aside from fitness, though, Johnston spoke to reporters about relationships and the Ranch. — Cynthia Wang

We saw a lot of mother-daughter bonding with you and Ashley. Were you surprised to hear how much she worried about caring for you?I didn’t realize how deeply she felt about caring for me. As a mom, I was delighted that she came to the realization that she doesn’t have to take care of me and that I am really doing great and I would never do anything to hold her back. I really want her to fly and soar. Early on, when my husband died, we kind of all grabbed on to each other. My older daughter, Cindy, had gotten married and moved out, and Ashley felt like she was the last one at home and that it was maybe her responsibility to take care of me. I think she really just didn’t realize I could do it on my own. Throughout the whole show, we realized we were strong and we can do this on our own.

You also bonded with Cheryl George. Talk about that friendship. We kind of hit it off as the last two moms. We were great workout buddies. We were kind of both at the same place, both around 51, and we did push each other. Sometimes we couldn’t keep up with the younger ones. We worked as hard as we could and it was effective for us. We encouraged each other where we knew we were. She said I became the sister she never had and I definitely agree. I have a sister but you can always have room for one more!

Is it true that your teammates Sam and Stephanie are now a couple?Oh, I think that’s definitely true! Steph and Sam are definitely in a relationship and they’re just as sweet as can be. The Pink and the Purple teams got close very quickly because we shared one bathroom but when Stephanie’s mom Patti went home in week 2, I started seeing the sparks then and as her Pink mom, I kind of took her aside one day and said, ‘Steph, I want to take this slow. I don’t want you to get into a relationship and lose sight of why you’re here. As your fill-in mom, I kind of want to make you to keep your head on straight and do well in the Biggest Loser.’ And she appreciated that and we had several talks about it, but Sam is really a sweet guy, he’s really stepped up and when you see them together, you really see it.

What does it feel like to carry on the legacy of prior successful Pink team members such as Ali Vincent, Michelle Aguilar and Amanda Arlauskas?When I came home I already had a lot of pink things, so it wasn’t a new color for me! I wear pink almost every day. I was really shocked when they said, ‘You’re going to be the Pink team.’ We were like, ‘Us, really, are you kidding?’ In the very beginning even a lot of the contestants thought, ‘Oh, the Pink team, oh my, they aren’t going to be anything this season.’ They kind of discounted that we didn’t win challenges, we weren’t that strong and we weren’t all that athletic. But what we did have was the want and the desire and we could pretty much, most of the time, put our numbers on the board. And that’s where it counts — on the scale.