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May 12, 2010 12:00 AM

His cousin Koli is still in the game, but after his elimination on The Biggest Loser last week, former security guard Sam Poueu, 23, is content because he starting life anew in Los Angeles with Stephanie Anderson, the 29-year-old radio sales executive from West Hollywood, whom he met on the show. He spoke to reporters about finding love, reaching his goal weight (238 lbs. from a starting weight of 372 lbs.) and what’s next. — Cynthia Wang

Can you describe your relationship with Stephanie?There was not a single person in the Ranch’s vicinity that didn’t know we were in love! Our relationship is so solid. There is so much that Steph has accomplished in her life that I view her as a role model, especially on the Ranch. I looked at myself as young, immature, and there was so much I was striving for and wanting in life and seeing Steph equipped with, I don’t even know how to explain it, but she has that go-getter attitude. I really kind of piggybacked off that, and that really attracted me to her, besides her being beautiful and everything, of course!

How do you help Stephanie in her weight loss journey?We both use the same trainer now, Steve Lee. He’s the one who kicks Jillian‘s butt, and anyone who kicks Jillian’s butt puts a smile on my face! But for me and Steph, what I am able to do to help her out is… I am an active person and being here in West Hollywood, we have Runyon Canyon and Griffith Park, I ride a bike everywhere out here; I have no car, and so bringing that attitude into the house keeps Steph motivated.

You are so close to your cousin Koli. How happy were you for his makeover, and have you resolved any conflict from Stephanie’s ouster from the show?We call it the Kid Cudi look — that was a look that even at 380 lbs., I would rock with glasses and everything like that. To see him go that way, it cracked me up because he was finding that inner confidence and he was willing to explore outside the box and take on a different element that wasn’t him. For us, it was baggy jeans and tall T’s forever because it was the only thing that fit us. It was very impressive seeing him and I thought he looked dapper. As you can tell, seeing the episode with Stephanie’s departure, it was hard to watch but as of right now, things are moving in progression, things are doing really well and he is supportive of the relationship.

You reached your goal weight on the Ranch, which is a series first. What is your goal, then, for the finale?I wasn’t going for the “Biggest Loser look,” and this isn’t to trash the Biggest Loser in any way, but I’ve seen some contestants who have won go from one extreme, which is the obese extreme to the real thin extreme. I wasn’t about that. I wanted to be the ‘Buffest Loser’, so that is what my journey is about! Those were my hopes and goals for being on the Ranch. I enjoyed every bit of the way I looked and I was so tired about being defeated by the scale because we’ve done so much together.

Before the show began, you and Koli said your size had limited your careers to being bouncers and security guards. You are in L.A. now. What possibilities do you see before you?Definitely not as a bouncer any more! I still haven’t wrapped my head around what possibilities lay before me. I work in CBS promotions for JACK FM. It’s something that helps me put food in the fridge. But I want to give acting a try, I want to see possibilities for endorsements and sponsorships. Right now, when I say that the world is in my hands, I truly feel that.

Courtesy NBC

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