Erin Willett Debuts New Song 'Out of the Darkness' on 'The Biggest Loser' : 'It's a Vulnerable Moment'

"It's a song that I wrote a couple of years ago and it's just honest," Willett tells PEOPLE

Photo: Phil Garcia

It’s been several years since she’s released music, but The Voice alum Erin Willett has a new song. The 26-year-old debuted her single “Out of the Darkness” on Monday.

“I’m super excited,” Willett tells PEOPLE. “It’s a song that I wrote a couple of years ago and it’s just honest. Like you know what? I am just trying to figure out life and I’m just going to be vulnerable. I’m going to let you know my demons.”

“I feel like in that way, I can hopefully just relate to people and say, ‘We all go through stuff,'” Willett adds. “We’re just human at the end of the day, so we can figure it out together.”

And Willett, who’s a contestant on the Biggest Loser this season, will also perform her new song on the show Monday night.

“Without giving away too much, I ended up performing part of the song on the Biggest Loser in a moment that normally would have defeated me,” Willett explains. “I had an ‘a-ha’ moment on the Ranch where the old me could have taken this in a very negative way, but I try to find the good in this because that’s all I’m trying to do from here on out in my life.”

“It’s scary because I know that it’s a vulnerable moment,” she adds. “But it’s me, and it might not be perfect, and I’m going to have to be okay with that.”

Willett notes that it was also an “emotional moment” for her.

“I was just like, ‘Wow. We’re doing so much more than just losing weight on this show. We’re really finding ourselves,'” she admits.

As for what’s surprised her the most about being on the reality competition series? Willett says, “How much I had to change my thinking before I really changed my habits.”

“It wasn’t just this vanity – ‘I want to be skinny,'” she says. “It was this realization that I needed to change a lot of things about me and how I dealt with me to get to a better place, and if I lost weight along the way, great.”

“If I didn’t, at least I’m trying to discover or change something about myself. That was probably the biggest thing,” she adds.

And Willett, who says that she also “learned how important it is to make yourself a priority,” admits that losing weight has “all around in [her] life” made her “feel more capable.”

“I did yoga this morning and [I did] certain things during yoga that I probably would never have been able to do,” Willett says with a laugh. “I don’t know if that’s confidence or the fact that I’m a lighter version of myself or maybe just how I view myself and my health and my priorities.”

“Then [also] that ability to [say], ‘Wow. I can change my body, what else can I change?'” she continues. “I can focus on my career. I can put myself out there. I can be scared and I can be fearless.”

Season 17 of The Biggest Loser airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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